How to use Android Development Useful Tools

Our phones have become one of the most important parts of our lives, We cannot spend a single day without them. Ma it is work or socializing, we need our phones for everything and for that the only desire we all have is to keep our phone up to date. Even if we don’t have the latest model we can still keep our phone in a really good shape if only we install some useful tools in it. The details about some important Android Development tools are given in this article which you can use to make your Android device better.

How to use Android Development Useful Tools 1

Android Libraries:

Although the Android libraries are really great they have a 64k method limit on them. In order to avoid it, you can use other similar programs to get the same benefits.

Android Debug Database

The Android Debug Database is a really powerful library for androids. It can be used for debugging the databases and preferences in the android apps. By using this, you can view the shared preferences and databases in your browser directly.


Stetho is created by Facebook and is kind of a debug bridge for all the applications in your android’s device. By using Stetho, you can inspect your apps and easily edit shared preferences and SQLite databases in your applications.

It is easy to use, however, the only thing you need to take care of is that make sure it is enabled only in the debug version.

Android Asset Studio:

The Android Asset Studio is a really useful and important tool. It can be used for a variety of purpose ranging from styling action bar on your Android device to generating new icons. This tool comes with multiple options and it makes the development easy and simple.


Buck is used for creating simple modules which are used to contain different resources and codes. The additional benefit of Buck is that it supports a lot of languages on different platforms. A few benefits of Buck include:

  • Helps in getting incremental builds.
  • Fully aware of your dependencies.
  • Helps in reproducing your builds.


Proguard or commonly called as DexGuard is a useful tool which is mostly used to shrink the code on a lot of Android projects.

Gradle Please:

Gradle Please is another very important Android development tool. It is used by a lot of developers for the purpose of finding good libraries. You can combine this tool with Android Studio in order to get amazing results.

Material Design Icons

The last Android development tool mentioned here is Material Design Icons. This tool is really simple to use and it lets you customize your icons in desired designs.

So these are the few tools which all the Android users should try in order to make their phones better and easier to use.

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