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How To Update Huawei Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09 To Android 8.0 Oreo

Here is how to install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09 (EMUI 8.0). Finally, Huawei Honor 8 Pro will start receiving the latest official Android 8.0 Oreo version. Huawei has promised to bring the Oreo update for Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09 before the end of 2017. Now the time to upgrade your device to the latest Android 8.0 Oreo official firmware which is based on based EMUI 8.0 and get the experience of fresh Android OS version on your Huawei Honor 8 Pro.

This latest official update EMUI 8.0 brings all the features from Android 8.0 Oreo and many changes like floating Navigation dock, improvements in connectivity, home screen shortcuts, better security and feature enhancements, faster AI-based optimizations deliver greater stability, Picture in Picture mode, fluidity, Better security and feature enhancements, Web view improvements and much more.

Huawei rolled out this official update via OTA (Over-the-Air), which means that not all users can get the update at the same time. If you have not yet received this OTA Android 8.0 Oreo update in your region and you can’t wait more, then still you can install it manually by following this simple step by step guide.

The Huawei Honor 8 Pro was launched in April 2017 and come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Now the official Android 8.0 Oreo update is available and ready to install on your device. This latest update comes with build number DUK-L09 along with the latest security patch which is protecting any security incidents. Not necessary, but it is better to take the full backup of all your valuable data before proceeding. If you are interested in installing Android 8.0 Oreo official update on your Huawei Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09 then go ahead and follow the given steps.

Install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro
Install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro

DUK-L09 (C900log) Android 8.0 Oreo Details:

Model DUK-L09
Model name Honor 8 Pro
Version Android 8.0 Oreo
Firmware B320
EMUI Version 8.0
Type Full firmware image
Product code Official
Build No. DUK-L09 (C900log)


AndroidBlog will not be held liable for any kind of damage occurred to your device during or after the installation process. Please proceed at your own risk.


The Huawei Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09 phone should have the stock unrooted firmware installed.

Steps To Flash Official Android Oreo beta on Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09:

Follow the given guide to flash official Android 8.0 Oreo on Huawei Honor Pro. First of all, we’ll format the device completely. After that, we’ll download and place the files correctly for flashing. Finally, we’ll flash the files and install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro.

1: Format The Device

  1. Turn OFF your device completely.
  2. Boot Honor 8 Pro into TWRP:
    • Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button at the same time.
    • Once the Honor logo appears, release the Power button and keep holding on to the Volume Up button.
    • Your device should enter into TWRP Recovery mode.
  3. Navigate to ‘Wipe’ -> ‘Format Data’ to erase your device including the internal storage. Enter ‘Yes’ in the provided field to completely wipe the device.

2: Download And Transfer The Files

  1. Connect your Honor 8 Pro to the PC using its USB data cable.
  2. Next, go back to the main screen and tap on ‘Mount’. Press the ‘Enable MTP’ button.
  3. Download the following given firmware files:
    • update.zip
    • update_data_full_public.zip
    • update_full_DUK-L09_hw_normal.zip
  4. Create a folder labeled ‘HWOTA’ in the root (outside all folders) of the internal storage.
  5. Copy all the downloaded files inside the ‘HWOTA’ folder.
  6. Now, download the NoCheck recovery files:
    • DUK-RECOVERY-NoCheck.img
    • DUK-RECOVERY2-NoCheck.img
  7. After that, copy these files to the root of the internal storage.
  8. After transferring, press the ‘Disable MTP’ button and disconnect your phone.

Now, follow the steps below to install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro.

3: Flash Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro

  1. In TWRP, go to ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Terminal’.
  2. Enter the commands below to copy all the update files from the storage to the /data/update folder.mkdir /data/update
    mv /sdcard/HWOTA /data/update/HWOTA
  3. The commands will move the ‘HWOTA’ folder from the internal storage to /data/update directory.
  4. Now, flash the NoCheck recovery files using:dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY-NoCheck.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery_a
    dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY2-NoCheck.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery2_a
  5. The commands will flash the recovery files. Do not reboot your device yet.
  6. Now, delete both the recovery files from the internal storage.
  7. Once deleted, enter the following commands in the given order.
    First:echo –update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update.zip > /cache/recovery/command


    echo –update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update_data_full_public.zip >> /cache/recovery/command


    echo –update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update_full_DUK-L09_hw_normal.zip >> /cache/recovery/command

  8. Finally, reboot back to recovery mode to install Android Oreo Beta on Honor Pro 8:reboot recovery

Once your device boots back into EMUI recovery, it will flash the required files.

Follow the on-screen instructions when your phone boots into the OS. You can now enjoy the latest EMUI 8.0 and Android Oreo features on your Honor device.

These were the complete and easy steps on how to install Android Oreo Beta on Honor 8 Pro. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or questions.

Source: XDA-Developers

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