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How To Turn Off Battery Optimization For Individual Android App

We are completely aware of the fact that how fast smartphone technology is evolving. We have the whole world in our hands and have access to anything by just a finger tap. Despite all that, there is still something which does not match with these outstanding piece of technology “their batteries “. The batteries of these smartphones seem older than the phones, which is why there is a software to make it sure that the battery of your mobile phone lasts long enough. In android marshmallow, the mobile OS had a preloaded battery optimization setup but that was not good enough for our smartphone because sometimes you want to whitelist the app. How? Read on…

Battery Optimization Android

Android’s Battery Optimization-Doze

Doze mode is been improved in Android generations which were made with android marshmallow. The purpose of this mode is to hibernate the applications when they are out of your use that was a good option for your battery as the app was not using so much battery in the background, but not all of the applications are always running in the background due to their poor built quality.

When to Allow an App to Avoid Doze:

There are few apps which surely need to run in the background all the times like taster or VPN services. As you know that the Doze mode is useful in many cases but sometimes it can actually interrupt the application’s performance. For example, you are using a VPN and Doze mode is on it will hibernate the app and you will be back on your unprotected network where you can be tracked

So for this type of problems you need to whitelist the application from the battery optimization.

How to Whitelist an App for battery optimization

So here are few steps you can follow to whitelist any application you want:

1 . Open the settings then select the battery option and tap on the dots in the right top corner.

2 . Now select the Battery Optimization there will be drop down menu at the top of the list and here you have to select the ALL apps.

3 . A list will appear now scroll down and find out the application you want to whitelist and tap on it.

  1. Then select the option don’t optimize and tap done.
  2. Now you can see the applications which are allowed to ignore the battery optimization. You just have to open the drop-down menu and at the top select Not optimized.

Sometimes the battery optimization is important and it would not be a good idea to whitelist all the applications. Only whitelists the application, when you feel like the applications, is not working properly because of battery optimization.

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