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How To Share Your Screen On Discord Mobile

In this guide we will show you how to share your screen on Discord mobile. When Discord was launched 5 years ago, it started as an app for mobile and desktop that was the perfect chatting platform for gaming.

Since it’s launch, the platform has largely expanded and is now known and recognized all around the world. It is the perfect alternative for calling apps like such as Skype. It has made it very easy to make voice and video calls over the internet.

Another useful feature of the app is screen share. Here in this post we will show you how you can share your screen on Discord mobile.

With the recent update from Discord, you can now share your screen on Discord mobile at higher frame rates than before, this allows for better quality streams. The screen share feature can be used on both the Android and iOS platforms.

This process works seamlessly on Android devices running on Android 7 and higher. The screen share option along with audio is currently only available for devices running on Android 8 and above.

Share your screen on Discord mobile

How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile

Discord introduced screen sharing on mobile over a year ago. Since then, it has gained popularity among the users and has become one of the best features of the platform. By sharing your screen on Discord, you can present your screen to 9 other users present in a voice channel in a discord group chat or server. You can change your stream settings through the options provided, allowing you to change refresh rate and stream quality.

If you are a regular discord user, you would know that this feature is quite easy to use and setup, but you should check a few things before you are about to start to share your screen on Discord mobile. First up, tap on the gear icon to next to your profile to proceed to your profile settings and from the options that appear in the menu, tap on voice and video. Now test your microphone and camera to check if they are setup properly.

Note that this feature is now currently working on iOS 12, but this issue will be fixed soon by the discord developers.


  • In order to share your screen on Discord mobile, you will first have to join a voice call or video call on the discord app.
  • You can do this by entering a voice channel on a discord server.
  • You can also make a private voice call or a video call to another discord user by tapping on either of the two options appearing on the top right of a Discord private chat.

How To Share Your Screen On Discord Mobile 1

  • Once you are connected on the call, you will be eligible to share your screen. Share your screen on Discord mobile by tapping on the screen share option that you will be able to see in the chat.

How To Share Your Screen On Discord Mobile 2

  • Now you will be able to see a pop-up that will ask you for your confirmation before starting to share your screen. Start sharing your screen by tapping on the Start now button.
  • You can also stop streaming your screen just by tapping on the Stop streaming button.

How To Share Your Screen On Discord Mobile 3

Following the given steps, you can easily share your screen on Discord so that your friends can view it. You can share your gameplay to your friends and show them anything that you want. You also should not worry about the stream quality as the voice and screen sharing on discord is seamless and without lag.

So that was it from our side on how to share your Screen on Discord mobile. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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