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How To Send Full Resolution Images In Original Quality On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very simple application for messaging that’s why it is being used by millions of users and almost available on every Android smartphone. WhatsApp has been improving and adding more features to it but still, it lacks some features like we can’t send the images to their original quality. To send the multiple numbers of pictures it takes a long time, so to enhance the efficiency of the process WhatsApp compresses the pictures. But sometimes you really need to send the pictures in original quality. Is there any option available on WhatsApp? Can you send uncompressed images using WhatsApp? The answer is Yes you can send the uncompressed pictures. It may not be a perfect way to send your pictures but here’s how you can send the uncompressed images on WhatsApp.

How To Send Full Resolution Images In Original Quality On WhatsApp 1

Send Uncompressed Images as Documents

Whenever you send any picture on WhatsApp, you send it by tapping on camera or gallery, because that’s how it meant to be. But what if I tell you that you can choose attach the document to send an image?

Yes, we can do it because WhatsApp considers images as documents too. Good news for us.

So if we send the pictures as documents it will not change the image resolution. But sending pictures as a document has one little issue that you will have to browse the gallery manually to find the picture you want to send. Sending picture as a document is quite simple you just have to tap the attachment icon and then tap document and select browse other documents.

Now you will see the image containing folders like the other gallery applications, you can find and select the image you want to send. You can select multiple pictures but WhatsApp only allows to send one picture t a time in this way, so to send more pictures you would have to repeat the process again and again.

But if you have to send multiple pictures in original quality by sending them this way it will be so irritating for you to repeat the process again and again and for the receiver it will also be inconvenient to download the images one by one. But the good news is that we have got a solution to this as well.

Create Archive

You can solve this issue by using your file manager. Almost every file manager today as the ability to create an Archive file, so just open your file manager and chose the pictures you want to send. There will be a three dots menu somewhere in the corners of your file manager tap on it and from there, select archive and name it.

After creating Archive of the images now you can easily send it through your WhatsApp application like any document and yes in the original quality.

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