How to Install Google Lens on any Android Phone [Root]

Recently, Google declared new Google lens tool in May and it is used through the Smartphone camera. This new tool uses the image as input and it is very simple to use. With the help of the Google’s deep learning Artificial intelligence, Google lens process the image and present some useful information regarding the image to the user.

Google Lens – works with different app

Newly launched Google lens can also work in two apps such as Google Photos and Google Assistant. In the Google Assistant, this tool will work on the new images, and the user should point the camera towards any character. It presents you more information related to the character or object. For example, if anyone clicks the camera towards the book then the tool will provide the complete information related to the book. If the users point the camera towards the visiting card then this new tool provides the details of visiting card and also save the number. It also offers the features to set the reminder for the particular date.

Google Lens on any Android phone [Root]

In the Google Photos, latest lens tool works in the previous photo in the Google photos app. the users need to open any photos in Google photos app and click the Google lens icon at the bottom. It will provide you more details related to the object in the picture.

Features of Google lens

Google I/O developer announced other cool features of the Google lens such as suggested sharing, Shared Library, Google Photo Books, and much more. The Google Photo Books, Shared Library and Suggested sharing are live for the users and the new tool is roll out for any type of the Android device.

The leading internet company has started rolling out the latest lens tool for the Pixel Android device. Currently, this tool works with the Google Photos and it does not work with the Google Assistant. So now anyone can use the Google Lens power on the Google Photos. It is used on the existing images and not on the live photos.

First, you can capture new images and use the Google photos for exclusive lens capability. In the second step, the users have to wait for few minutes for using the Google Lens through the Google Assistant. The first generation or second generation pixel Smartphone are great to play with the Google lens tool.

Now, we have some good news for everyone. Today, anyone can use new Google lens tool on any type of the Android Smartphone with the help of Google photos. The Smartphone should be rooted and have the TWRP recovery installed to flash Google Lens installer zip file. Here you can follow steps to install the Google Lens on the rooted Android Smartphone.

–> Download Google Lens installer flashable zip

Steps to Install Google Lens on Android Devices:

  • First, download the Google Lens installer flashable zip file from the download link above.
  • Boot your Android device into the TWRP recovery mode.
  • Click on install button and choose Google Lens Installer flashable zip file. The user transferred the Zip file to your Smartphone in Step 1.
  • After selecting the TWRP recovery Zip file, swipe to start the flashing process.
  • If the TWRP recovery zip file is flashed then the users get the option of Reboot System and click on it.

After the Smartphone reboot, now you can open any photos in the Google photos app. The user will see the latest Google lens icon that presents at the bottom bar. You need to click the Google lens icon to activate and enjoy with the Google lens app.

These tips help you to install the latest Google lens tool on your Smartphone without any hassle.

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