How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Camera Focus Problem

Are you using Samsung Galaxy s8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 plus? Is your camera on this phone not focusing when taking pictures or recording videos? Is it resulting in blurry photos? When clicking photos the camera tries to focus but fails to focus and then refocus which gives the blurry result.

This problem is not limited to the camera but is also occurring in apps such as snapchat, Instagram and more. The photos are blurry in manual mode leaving no option but turning off the autofocus. Just to cover all the basics, make sure that the lens of your camera is clear and there is nothing stuck on the lens even a small piece of plastic. Also, check the effect selected by the camera. Maybe you have selected the bokeh effect (the one that gives blurry background) while focusing on a subject. If there is nothing like this then don’t stress out we are providing you a solution.

Fix Camera Focus Problem Galaxy S8

In this article, we will introduce you to an 8 step solution that may help and make things easier for you by giving better results. So read on if you are having this issue.

  • Solution:

First of all you have to reset the camera app cache and stored data from normal Android and safe mode android phone.

  1. Go to the Settings then the Apps selecting the Camera app.
  2. Click on “Force Stop” button to shut the app down.

3. Click on Storage option select the Clear Cache option and then on Clear Data.

  1. Don’t open your camera, first click on the Power button and then Power Off your Samsung S8 phone.
  2. Now press the Power ON button and switch on the phone again, as soon as the first logo appears as Samsung Galaxy S8(+), click and hold the Volume Down button and then the phone enters the Android OS Safe Mode.

. 6. Repeat the above-mentioned instruction from step 1 to 3.

  1. Switch oFF the phone again and now powered it on standard only by pressing the power button.
  2. Till now the problem should be fixed, open your camera now. Set the picture quality also everything else and check it out. If the problem has ended enjoy taking pictures of yourself and the squad with a splendid result! But If you have done all these things and the problem is still there. 

    Now the time has reached when You should send the device for proper checking and repair. Or you may also approach the carrier. They may have some better options for fixing the issue that might suit you. Every carrier has different policies for returning and warranty on the phone. And will be able to answer your queries relevant to the issue.

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