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How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Clean up before selling your computer - A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how to Factory Reset Windows 10. If your Windows 10 PC is working slowly or corrupted due to the intervening of the unexpected virus, we have one of the best ways to fix all these issues is by performing a factory reset. This process is also recommended when you are going to sell your PC.

Factory Reset Windows 10

The process of factory resetting Windows 10 seems to be very easy. This is not a difficult process, you just need to go into settings, reset the panel. In this way, you can easily reset your PC. But the most important thing before any such process, you will have to backup all your important data from PC i.e all your personalization settings, etc. As factory reset results in removing all the data from your PC.

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Factory Reset Windows 10 [After Login]:

As we already told you that this method is very easy but for your convenience, I am going to explain the step-by-step process with the help of screenshots. You can consider this process of resetting very important because it will also clean your PC from viruses and malware etc. In order to do the process of factory resetting of Windows 10, you just need to follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

First of all, click on the Windows icon on your keyboard to open the Windows menu. Then as shown below, click on the Settings icon.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 1

Step 2:

Now click on the option of Update & Security in the windows settings window as shown below.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 2

Step 3:

Now, click on the Recovery option on the left side of your window, and then on the right side of the Window, you will see a Get Started button. Now click on the Get Started button under the Recovery section as shown below.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 3

Step 4:

You can select the Keep my files option if you want to keep your apps and your personal settings. Otherwise, you can select the Remove Everything option if you want to remove everything from your system. But we prefer you to remove all the files option if you have malware problems.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 4

Step 5:

Now, click on the Reset button to factory reset your PC. Your device will restart after some time.

Welcome! After some time your PC is ready after reset.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 5

Factory Reset Windows 10 without logging in:

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 6

If don’t have login into your PC or forget login details, don’t panic we are here for you with the best available solution if you want to factory reset your PC. The result will be the same as the above method, but there is a slight change in method.

Now I briefly explain to you the steps required to factory reset Windows 10.

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing is that you will have access to Advanced startup tool. There are two ways through which you can easily have access to Advanced startup tool. If you can, press the on-screen power button, and while holding the Shift key, press the restart button. Your computer will reboot and take you to the Advanced startup tool. Secondly, you can do this by holding the power button to shut it down before it fully boots. You will have to repeat this process three times. Then your PC will take you to the Advanced startup tool.

Step 2:

To get to the tool, you need to perform a factory reset by choosing Troubleshoot > Reset this PC in the Advanced startup tool.

Step 3:

To start the reset, select “Remove Everything” or “Keep my files”, depending on why you’re performing the factory reset. It is almost the same as previously explained.

We are very hopeful that this information is very helpful for you. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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