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How you can Easily Redeem Codes for PUBG

Have you also stuck with the codes and skin of PUBG and having trouble in redeeming your code? So, my dear, we are here to resolve your issue. That’s why you don’t have to worry about it as we are going to share a detailed guide on how to redeem codes and receive the prize in PUBG Mobile.

It usually makes users confuse when players are giving skins and codes to the viewers. So, the user gets confused. In this article, you will step by step guided for the entire procedure. Unlike other games, you cannot redeem codes of PUBG inside the game to receive rewards of the game. You have to go to the website of PUBG to reveal the prizes using given PUBG code in the online PUBG game.


Some Facts About PUBG

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds that is a part of Bluehole of a South Korean company. It is an interesting game for youngsters. In fact, children also like to play with interest because of the mutual playing of the game. You can invite your friends living far away using your email id. Thus, it makes the game more interesting. Friends of the kids keep helping online using their characters present in PUBG.

PUBG is developed by Tencent Games who offer different prizes for the players such as

  • Cash prizes,
  • Clothes,
  • Skins,
  • Weapons, etc.

You would have just got the PUBG code and want to reveal the rewards. Let’s explore it without wasting much time in discussions:

Steps for Redeeming codes for your PUBG game

It is better to use a desktop computer to redeem code of PUBG game rather than playing this game on an android. You just have to follow these steps to explore your rewards for your game:

Step 1

You have to open PUBG on your mobile and login first.

Step 2

After logging in you are on the main screen of the PUBG game, now see at the top right corner from where you can enter into the profile.

Step 3

After getting into the profile page, you will now find ID just above your profile picture. Click on it and note it or tap to the next button present beside the ID button.

Step 4

After tapping the next button, you have to come to this link using a browser of your android, laptop o desktop.

Step 5

Now downloading the PUBG website will drop you on its main page. Here you can easily paste ID number and redeem your PUBG code. You will also get the verification and security key at this point.

Step 6

After having all your codes revealed, come to redeem button and click to move ahead in your game. When you are clicking the redeem button, you have to ensure that you have got your right nickname, ID and verification. Now place them accordingly.

Step 7

Finally, you will receive the message that you have successfully redeemed your reward. Congratulations!

It is an inconvenience for PUBG that you have to go to the website to redeem your PUBG codes. However, it is recommended to use a PC to play PUBG on desktop rather than using android to play it. When you are playing PUBG on the desktop then it is easy for you to go to the website using a browser without stopping the game therefore, you can easily have your rewards.

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