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How To Download Photos From Google Photos

In this article, we will be showing you how to download photos from Google photos app and the website. Talking about gallery applications, every device comes with one and there are many more available for download over the Play store. Among these collection of apps available for photo and video storage, the Google Photos app steals the spotlight. What gives this app the boost compared to other apps? Well it is the sync options that the app provides which ends up being used by every user. This ability to sync your precious photos and videos across all your synced devices appeals user and becomes the first choice gallery app for users.

In addition to the syncing option it provides, it also has other great attributes which are also key aspects of the apps popularity. The option it provides to create separate albums and its AI recognition technology which identifies different people and makes separate albums for them also proves very handy. And to top that, the editing abilities it provides make every user come to the app. It also makes sharing images and videos really easy just by creating a link. In the midst of all these amazing features, Google has still not made accessible the option to download photos from Google photos. If you also face this issue, then you are just at the right place.

Download Photos from Google Photos

Download Photos From Google Photos on Android or iOS

The option to download a photo is not available for every image on the Google Photos app. The explanation behind this is really simple. It happens when an image is already saved on your device. For example a WhatsApp image sent to you by a friend or a screenshot you took on your device. That is why Google Photos does not provide you the option to download that particular photo. Suppose if you want to share those images to someone, you could select the photo and send it by using the share option. Either you could upload it to your drive or you could send it in the form of a photo or a link.

How To Download Photos From Google Photos 1

So, how to download photos from Google Photos and where to find the download option? By now you would have understood that it will only be available for photos and videos that are not already saved on your device. Those images can be images that are on the app from your devices that are synced. Or they can be photos shared by someone to you through a link.

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When you open them for the first time, you will only be able to actually view these photos by connecting to the internet. This is because you have not downloaded these images on your device yet. In order to download the photos, you will need to click on the overflow icon placed on the top right corner and from the drop down options, select the Download option.

How to Download Photos Google Photos Website?

How To Download Photos From Google Photos 2

Users will be pleased to hear that the steps to save images on your device from the Google Photos website are also very simple. How to access your account on the website? Simple. Just head over to the website and login to your account using your credentials. As soon as you have accessed your account, it will show you all of the photos and videos that are available on your Google account.

The process to download the images is very simple. First you need to select all of the images or videos that you want to download and then similarly to the Google Photos app, click on the Overflow icon on the top right corner of the screen and then select the download option. The download can also be carried out sooner by using the Shift + D shortcut key combination to execute the same task.

Using Google Takeout Service

The Google Takeout service is a feature that let’s you download any data, in the form of photos, videos, etc from any Google application or any Google service you are connected to. The case with Google Photos is no different. This means that you can also use the Google Takeout Service to download photos from Google Photos on your device. Below mentioned are the steps following which you can utilize the Google Takeout service to download photos from Google photos:

STEP 1: First, you will need to proceed to the Google Takeout website and over there, you have to sign in with your Google account. You have to sign in with the account from which you have to download your desired photos and through which your device is synced.

STEP 2: By default, all of the Google services will be selected in the Google Takeout page. You will have to deselect all of the services and only select the Google Photos. You can do this by clicking on the Deselect All button which you will find at the top right.

How To Download Photos From Google Photos 3

STEP 3: As mentioned above, just select the Google Photos option. From there, select the All Photo Albums Included option and proceed.

How To Download Photos From Google Photos 4

STEP 4: Just as in the first step, all of the Photo albums will be selected. You will need to deselect them all and then select the album that you wish to download. And that is it!

How To Download Photos From Google Photos 5

That was it from our side on how to download photos from Google Photos. We hope that you found this guide helpful to you. If you do face any difficulty, feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

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