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How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8

Now your Galaxy Note 8 can easily be reset to factory reset conditions via firmware which is basically stock Samsung ROM. For what purpose this firmware is used? Whenever you get a soft-brick on your phone due to any bad or incomplete installation, you can restore the original settings and proper phone’s working with it.

How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8 1

Hereby we are discussing some of the advantages you can take firmware from:

  • FIXING: You can fix your phone if it is giving you errors due to force closing and random starting.
  • UNBRICKING: If your Galaxy Note 8 is stuck at a logo when restarting and is giving you boot-looping, the firmware is here to solve this problem.
  • GO BACK TO STOCK: It helps you to sell your device and/or helps you to fix to install OTA updates if broken.
  • RESTORE: You can restore your phone to its factory state also.
  • UPGRADING: You can upgrade your phone to its new Android version.
  • UNROOTING: You can unroot your phone with it as well.
  • REMOVING CUSTOM RECOVERIES: TWRP and CWM if are already installed on your Galaxy Note 8, can be removed using this firmware.

Now to carry out any of the above functions, do install this firmware on your Galaxy Note 8 but that firmware which is compatible with your model you hold. Giving you a brief review of its models: as all the models of Galaxy Note 8 are of the same no in the US but still, there is a separate firmware available for them. For example, you can flash your T-mobile  Galaxy Note 8 on AT&T Note 8 only with that firmware that is strictly meant for this. But how to recognize a firmware that is meant for your carrier in the US?

SM-N950U is the model no for all Galaxy Note 8 carriers in the US. So all you have to do is to find out the firmware ending with your phone’s carrier code. here are some of them:

  • ATT: AT&T
  • SPR: Sprint
  • TMB: T-Mobile
  • VZW: Verizon Wireless
  • USC: US Cellular

Other than the SM-N950U which is a US model, you do not need any code-finding-in-firmware-name-exercise because the other firmware is as per your variant.

For AT&T Galaxy Note 8, one firmware is as under:

AT&T Note 8 firmware – version N950USQU1AQIA (filename: with a code ATT).

Now How to Download & Install Firmware File on Galaxy Note 8:

DISCLAIMER: This unofficial process of firmware installation may result in the complete void of your phone’s warranty. Do proceed at your own risk, we would not be responsible if any damage occurs to your phone or any of its component.

First of all, make sure you are installing a correct firmware file for your phone, do check and find the appropriate firmware for your model no! the model no can be identified via checking it on its packaging box, or under Settings > About. Now you know the correct model no, download the compatible firmware file exactly matching the variant.

Just before installing it, follow the simple guidelines we are hereby providing:

  • First of all, make sure that you have created a proper backup of your phone. All your important documents, audios, videos, images, songs stored on your phone should be securely transferred to your PC before proceeding with the next step. Because sometimes installing firmware can delete whole of the data stored on your phone.
  • For this reason, you need a computer too in order to transfer the files from your phone to computer and back to phone for backup as well as for downloading the firmware file on it and transferring it to your device for the installing purpose.
  • You also need to keep your phone at least 70% charged because if not, your phone can turn off in between the installation process and this can corrupt your phone’s system permanently.



Just make sure that a correct firmware file has been installed on your PC (as discussed above).


Now install the Samsung USB Driver from the link given below, double-click the file to start the installation process.

Samsung USB Driver


Download the Odin PC Software (latest version) too from the following link.

Odin Software


Now extract the firmware file. 7-zip is a free software for this. install it then right click on the firmware file, then under 7-zip you will select “Extract here”. A file should appear in a format of .tar.md5.


Now extract the Odin file and you will get the Odin exe file.


Make your phone disconnected, if it is connected to your PC.


Now Boot into the download mode as:

Switch your phone off, wait for 7 seconds > press and hold three buttons (Volume Down+Power+Home) together until the warning screen appears.


Now double click on the Odin file to open it as a window as follows.

How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8 2


Reconnect your device, this Odin file should recognize your phone. After it is done, you will see a message ‘added’ in the log box. The ID: COM will show a no, turn its background blue as follows.

How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8 3

NOTE: if you do not see the ‘added‘ message, the drivers should be re-installed.


  • Now the firmware file should be loaded into Odin>click the AP button on Odin>select the .tar.md5 file.
  • Load all the files on your phone.

CASE#1: If you get a single .tar/.tar.md5 file, load it into AP tab of your Odin software>click on the AP tab to load the file>select this single file with AP > wait for its loading > now jump to Step#11 neglecting all the parts of this step below.

CASE#2: But if you have more than one .tar/.tar.md5 files, you must have files like AP, CSC, Home_CSC, BL, CP etc. Now in such a situation, choose the file as follows:

  • Press the BL tab>select the file beginning with BL text.
  • Press the AP tab>select the file beginning with AP text.
  • Press the CP tab>select the file beginning with CP text.
  • Press the CSC tab>select the file beginning with HOME_CSC text. If HOME_CSC file is not available>select the file beginning with CSC text.


Now press the Options tab, also make sure that you do not select the ‘Re-Partition Checkbox’>go back to log tab.

How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8 4


Make sure that everything you have done above is fine, once checked click on the ‘Start‘ button in order to start flashing the firmware on your phone.

Wait till the installation process completes, now this is the time your phone will automatically ‘reboot‘. Also, you will see the ‘pass‘ message.

How to Download And Install Firmware on Galaxy Note 8 5

That is it. Let your device start automatically!

Starting your device for the first time may take time, all you have to do is WAIT>once started to go to Settings > About Device in order to confirm the newly installed firmware’s build no.


  • If Odin gets stuck at the setup connection, you have to restart whole of the process.
  • If you come across a ‘fail‘ message in the top left box, you will need to restart the flashing process.

Using the above complete guide, now you can easily download and install firmware on your Galaxy Note 8, in case of any problem, please let us know!

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