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How to Disable Blue Ticks on WhatsApp (aka read receipts)

Here is how to disable blue Ticks on Whatsapp. Whatsapp Messenger is a free messaging app available for Android and other smartphones; it is a centralize messaging and voice app; that conveniently allows users to send and receive messages, calls, voice notes, multimedia and other content using the simple internet connection. It has turned the world into global village in true sense.

WhatsApp has been a market leader because of its simplicity and various useful features. During the recent pandemic as billions of people were compelled to stay at home studies show that the popularity of this messaging app raised more sharply than any other. By late March, usage of WhatsApp around the world had grown by 40%.

With excessive blessings of WhatsApp came along it its own litany of social pathologies and threats. In this article, we are going to discuss one such feature limitation that invades your privacy; i.e. Read receipt aka Double blue ticks underneath your chat on WhatsApp can mess the standing badly.

Whatsapps read receipt feature disable
Whatsapp’s read receipt feature disable

How does Read Receipt works?

The sequence of check marks can be easily understood here:

√ indicates message successfully sent

√√ indicates the message is successfully delivered to the recipient phone

√√ indicates the recipient has read the message

Additionally if you slide your finger from right to left over a sent message, you can see the time of delivery, as well as the time that the message was read.

Pros and Cons:

WhatsApp’s blue ticks or read receipts with the time; it was read at; feature rolled out without an update to the app itself. Therefore, it received mixed reviews initially some were OK with this feature and some felt annoyed.

Sometimes it gives the sender this perception that the receiver is ignoring and, not replying. Due to this the stress caused for those who truly are busy. Blue, check-marked messages with no response became motives for disagreement: “why didn’t you respond when you read it? You’re not prioritizing me? What were you doing?”

Implementation of blue ticks function on WhatsApp brought stress and anxiety for many, and also peace of mind for some as response time can easily judge if the other person wants to talk or not.

How to Disable Blue Ticks on WhatsApp (aka read receipts) 1

Steps to Disable Blue Ticks On Whatsapp:

Many have adjusted with this read receipt function; but for some deactivating it is appropriate. WhatsApp has also provided its user to disable this feature. These simple steps below describes “How to disable the blue ticks from WhatsApp”

  • Open WhatsApp and tap three vertical dots icon on the top right.
  • Now go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  • Uncheck Read receipts.

Whatsapp blue ticks

Follow the link for further clarity.

But a drawback to disable blue Ticks on Whatsapp is, you won’t be able to see the read receipts from others either.

If you need to see when other people’s saw your messages, then it is necessary to allow them to see read receipts from you as well.

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