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How to Connect Android Devices to TV

In this tutorial, we will tell you that how to connect an Android phone to TV. Android smartphones became very popular and common these days around the globe and used almost everywhere. Important advantages of these Android OS is that you can download a variety of Apps from Google Play Store and these are also compatible with HD TV, Computers, MP3 players without any charge. You have the options for connecting your Android phone to TV. The easiest way is connecting through HDMI cable which has an MHL connection on opposite side.

In some famous mobiles, there is Mobile High Definition Link is a connect top. It has a portion of micro USB port for the first time people cannot notice it directly. In many Android phones, there is a micro-HDMI port which will allow you to connect your phone to HD Television or Monitors. This will help you to project HD videos from your Android phone on to a bigger screen but its drawback is that there will be a requirement of the long cable and an adapter that ensures you that you have a flawless display of your videos.

How to Connect Android Devices to TV 1

Most Android smartphones have micro HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports. These can be used to send signals to your HD television that you are using for watching photos or videos from your Android phone. In this article, we will tell you how to connect Motorola Droid X Android phone to HD TV by using HDMI port.

Step 1

First take HDMI cable that is provided along with your device and connect it to the HDMI port that is present on your Android phone which will be found on right spine in Droid X. Type-D connector is needed on one side because HDMI port is a micro port now you can connect it to your TV it has a regular HDMI port that is using type-A connector which is present on another side of the HDMI cable.

Step 2

This step is to launch the Gallery App on your Android phone, now select the list of photos and videos which you want to view on your HD TV when you are done with choosing the video you are allowed on the screen to view set of controls, this will allow you to navigate through videos or photos on your device when you display them. After some idle time that will automatically disappear, if you want to re-display them you can tap on any dark area of the screen when you tap play icon which is present on the top left corner that has HDMI caption on it, to launch player controls.

Step 3

For playing the videos or photos on your HD TV that gets streamed from your Android phone, click the Pause/Play button. If you find any problem in display and quality not meeting your expectations, then alter the HDMI settings which are available on your phone for that go to settings and choose HDMI format. other settings like refresh rates and screen resolution can also be changed if the default settings are not working correctly for you.

Things to Remember:

Remember that certain Apps don’t permit HDMI output having popular Apps like YouTube and Blockbuster.The photos and videos that are stored on your Phone’s SD card and displayed from the Gallery Application generally you can only view them. Using the default Music App on your screen you can also play Music from your Android phone on your TV speakers.

Mirror On Display is the option that allows you to duplicate the screen output from your Android device to HD TV or HDMI monitor. If you want any movie on rent from NetFlix or another video on demand website this option can be very much suitable for you.

Miracast is the other recent options that came up recently which is a wireless technique it allows to mirror the screen output of your Android Device directly on your HD TV and is same as Airplay option available in iPhones. This option is available only on Android 4.2 Jellybean and other latest version and it requires Wi-Fi internet connection in your home to function.

So these are some options for connecting your Android phone to TV, hope so you have easily switched to TV through Android.

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