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How to Clean Your Phone’s USB Port

This guide will show you how to clean your phone’s USB port. The way our phones are normally used, it is quite a normal thing that dirt and dust gather in the USB ports of our devices. If your smartphone is subject to long periods of rough use, it asks for cleaning.

You can easily see the dirt and dust which accumulates on your phone’s external body or the phone cover and it can be cleaned without much effort.

But talking about our devices’ charging ports, it is quite difficult to clean them, so let’s take a look at how to clean your phone’s USB port properly.

How to clean your phone's charging port

How to Clean Your Phone’s USB Port | Removing Dirt and Dust

The charging port is an essential element of your device. Accumulation of dust can prevent it from working properly. So it is integral that we keep it clean. But the USB port is fragile so we must clean it gently.

The safest and best method to do so is to use compressed air. Compressed air can easily remove dust and dirt as it loosens the particles. What’s more? You won’t even need to insert some cleaning tool inside the charging port. Although using a can of compressed air is quite simple, you need to keep some things in mind:

  • The nozzle of the container of compressed air should be placed a short distance away from your phone’s USB port.
  • The can must always be positioned upright.
  • Use short puffs of compressed air to remove the dust particles.

Why not blow on the USB port yourself? Well, compressed air works much better and blowing on the port yourself can cause liquid to go inside the port. So it is better to use a can of compressed air.

How to Clean Your Phone’s USB Port | Removing Grime

Now you have successfully removed dust and dirt from your phone’s charging port, but what about grime? Grime can still block your charging port and can stop it from working correctly. Clearing grime will require you to insert cleaning tools inside the port.

Be informed that doing so is very risky. The task needs to be done with precision because the tool could also break or bend some connectors inside the port. It is better that you get this work done by an expert.

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But if you think that you can do it by yourself, you will be requiring a thin, narrow object such as a toothpick. This is for when you do not have a proper cleaning tool. Do not use anything made of metal for this, because they can damage the connectors inside.

Once you have got your tool, you should start by inserting it gently. First, start working on the centre. Make sure that you do not push the grime further inside. The purpose is to remove the debris. Keep in mind that you should not apply pressure.

After you think that you have deep particles, use your can of compressed air to remove the particles that you just loosened.

Prevent Dirt From Entering Your USB Port

Prevention is always better than cure, so why not stop dirt from entering your phone’s USB port rather than having to clean it again and again? If you use your phone in dusty environments, then a lot of dust probably accumulates inside your phone’s charging port.

To avoid this, you can use anti-dust plugs. Also, some phone covers come with port covers. If you use wireless charging more frequently than wired charging, then you should keep anti-dust plugs inserted at most times.

So that was it from our side on how to clean your phone’s charging port. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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