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How To Change MAC Address Or WiFi MAC Address On Android

A Guide On How To Change MAC address Or WiFi MAC Address On Android Devices with Root and without Root.

Follow the given guide on how to change MAC address or WiFi MAC Address on Android devices. Before talking about the HOW part of the article lets discuss the WHAT part. There used to be a time when one has to change the MAC address of devices. It is because a lot of places may restrict devices based on the mac address in some way possible. In this article, you will get to know about the method of changing the MAC address or WiFi MAC address on Android devices and the best part is we have compiled ways for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Let’s get to know more about MAC.

How To Change MAC Address Or WiFi MAC Address On Android 1

MAC Address Or WiFi MAC Address:

There are many fewer things that are unique to a device and a MAC address is one of those. It is an address that is assigned to the network interface of a device. When connected to a WiFi it will be used for pointing out the specific device. This ID is unique and consists of 12 characters that cannot be changed using normal methods. Proceed to the given guide on how to change MAC Adress or WiFi MAC address of Android phones.

How To Change MAC Address Or WiFi MAC Address On Android

Why Change Your MAC Address:

The most important reason will be privacy because anyone in your local internet network can easily see your MAC address with simple tools.

In case your official MAc account is public it will be very easy for a hacker to use it impersonate you while you are offline.

Another reason to change your MAC address is being able to join a  WiFi that has blocked your device.

How To Find MAC Address On Android Devices:

If you don’t know where to find the MAC address on your android phone, you don’t have to worry about it as it will be explained in this article. you will find it easily under Setting > About phone > Tap on status, scroll down and you will be able to see WiFi MAC address.

How To Change MAC Address On Android:

There are two different ways of changing a MAC device on android.

  1. Without Root Access
  2. With Root Access
  • chameleMAC
  • terminal

Both methods are very simple but completely different from each other.

Checking Root Availability:

People who did not hear the term root before surely didn’t have rooted their phone but the one who rooted their phone can try o verify their device by the root checker app available on play store. Once you will verify the root status, you can move with further procedure.

change MAC Address And WiFi MAC Address On Android

How To Change MAC Address On Non-Rooted Devices:

Anyone can temporarily change the MAC address of their smartphones without the requirement of root access bu these simple methods.

  1. First of all, get the MAC address of your android device which can be get by the following methods mentioned above in this article.
  2. Note the MAC address of your device and then download the android terminal emulator from the google app store.
  3. Open the app then type the command: “ip link”
  4. Recall the MAC address from the screen which is filled up with lots of MAc addresses and search it under “link\ether” for every case.
  5. Usually, the link that matched the link address is the connection name. For most Android devices this either “ethO” or “WlanO”.
  6. Now type the following command “IP link set wlanO address XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY. Here walnO is the name of the interface and XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY is the custom MAC address as required by the user.
  7. After this, the MAc address will be temporarily changed, however, once the device restart the MAc address will automatically revert back to the original one.


While changing the MAC address it is necessary to keep the manufacture name unchanged, which is XX:XX: XX first six digits should not change, it must be the same as the original or else it might create lots of authentication issues. This method mostly works with devices with a Media tec processor. So devices with processors have a low chance of success and may require to root their device.


Terminal emulator for android information and download link

Changing MAC Address On Rooted Devices:

After the root access is verified on the device, users can easily move on to change the MAc address on their android. however, they are two ways to change the MAC address on the rooted phone as mentioned above


Unfortunately, this app that works with root access is not available in the google app store. You can install it on APK.

  1. Launch the app and grant Root Permission when prompted.
  2. Upon launching the app, two options will be shown, one generating random MAC and the other applies new MAC.
  3. Then you can type a new MAC address in the text field and press “Apply New MAC”.
  4. Now, tap on generate Random MAC to avail a random MAC address
  5. A confirmation box will pop up, press “change” and the MAC address of the device will change accordingly.


This app only works on the devices with the MediaTek processor.

 Terminal Through Busy Box:

For this method, both the terminal window and the busy box is required in a rooted device. Even after the device is restarted the  MAC address changed through the method does not change because it is permanent.

  1. To access the superuser mode, launch the terminal window app and type the “SU” command.
  2. We assume that you have the network noted down, if not you may type “busy box IP link show ethO” This will showcase the current MAC address on the device.
  3. type “busybox ipconfig wlano hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY”. Remember the input for XX: XX; XX:YY:YY: YY will change the MAC address as desired.
  4. that’s it now you successfully altered MAc address on your  Android device also the command “busybox IP link show etho” will only show the new altered MAC address.

These were the easy steps on how to change MAC address of any android device and avail all the benefits and security from it. Every technique has its own advantages and facilities so select the one in which you are comfortable. This is with the article, I hope it’s useful for you if you have any quarry and issues tell us in the comment below.

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