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How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android (3 Methods)

Today, we are going to share a detailed guide on how to boot into Recovery Mode on Android (3 Methods). Many people have smartphones don’t really have even the basic knowledge of how to boot their smartphones into recovery mode. Booting into Recovery Mode is important in different situations. For example, if you are facing issues/problems on your Android phone and looking to solve them then the first thing you need is Recovery Mode. So go ahead and proceed to the given guide on how to boot into Recovery Mode on Android devices.

After booting your Android phone into recovery mode, you can perform some the following tasks

  • Backing up by Nandroid backup
  • Flashing custom ROMs
  • Flashing apps
  • Custom recovery
  • Flash Google apps zip file
  • Install the OTA update on your android smartphone.

The above given are the most commonly used tasks carried out in the recovery mode, while there are tons of other stuff that you may do. In this guide, we’ll explain 3 simple and different ways that will help you to boot your Android phone into recovery mode. Whichever suits you best, you may apply and enjoy.

While your Android is in the recovery mode, you can do anything with it. As Recovery Mode is a single way when you are in deep trouble. But if you don’t know that what it does or how to use then even a dead one can be revived or a live one can be killed. There is a good chance of serious damage to happen in the name of a customization to your device.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android:

So let’s start. Here we’ll tell you 3 different ways to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android devices.

Method 1: The ADB Way (Boot into Android Recovery Mode)

The first method we are going to share is booting your Android phone into recovery mode using ADB. All you need to have a Windows-based PC.  Before going ahead, it is necessary to have the following two steps.

  • USB Debugging should be enabled on your Android device. (How To?)
  • You must install Android SDK on your computer. (How To?)

After completing the above-mentioned steps, go ahead to boot your Android device into recovery mode.

  1. First, connect your Android phone to the computer using its USB data cable.
  2. After connecting the phone, open the folder: Platform Tools. You can find the location of this folder here.

C:>Users>Your Username>AppData>Local>Android>android-sdk>platform-tools

  1. Within that folder, right click on the mouse while pressing Shift button on the keyboard. Click on Open Command Prompt Window Here
  2. Enter the following given command.
adb reboot recovery
  1. To enter into recovery press Enter and your phone will automatically switch into a boot for recovery mode.

Method 2: The Hard (Ware) Way (Manual Method)

The next method to boot Android smartphone into recovery mode is by using the manual method (Hardware Keys). Using this way, you don’t need any app or third party software. This method is easy for those who afraid of USB debugging their phones or getting any harm done so avoiding all this chaos, this is the safest step for anyone to take even for a beginner to boot their Android phone into recovery mode.

Follow the given steps now.

  1. First, switch OFF your Android phone.
  2. Now, switch ON your phone while pressing and holding the following buttons (In case of Samsung devices).
  • Volume Down
  • Volume UP
  • Power Button
  1. Simultaneously press these buttons in the above-mentioned order for a few seconds. Once you keep pressing in the same exact order you may release to see that you are given a list of options to choose from.

Select the Recovery Mode.

You have successfully entered into the recovery mode.


Please keep in mind that the above-given steps (Hardware Keys Combination) won’t necessarily work for all devices. For some, the sequence would work while for the other the combination may vary and you might need to use another sequence of steps to perform the method using an app. You are welcome to try combinations (hopefully one of the three will work on your Android, so you must not worry at all). Following are the other two steps that can be used instead of the above given.

Start pressing the Volume Down with the Power button at a time for a while.


Start pressing the Volume UP button with the Power button at a time simultaneously for a while.

Method 3: Using Apps

The third way to boot your Android phone into recovery mode is with the help of an app. Those who have been onto something easier for their time and use can certainly try this method and they will successfully run into recovery mode by booting their cellphone. For some may be the key combination may not work since there is a certain style of tapping the buttons to get into the desired list of options and sadly many have complained none of the combinations to work (not good enough tapping). So instead of mixing in with the hassle of key combinations and want an easier way out this method is perfect for you.

A simple app can keep you on a fast track and won’t be indulging with tapping buttons for a while and so on. There are tons of apps for this purpose and are easily available on Google Play Store.

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In order to use this method we will be guiding you through one of the apps and to keep a note on check it is necessary that you have your device rooted already to keep things easier.

Following are the steps:

  1. Open up the application named as Quick Reboot (Available on Play Store)
How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android (3 Methods) 1
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  1. Click on the recovery option.
  2. Install the Gravity Box on your Android phone to enter into recovery mode.
  3. After installing the Gravity Box, run it.
  4. Access the Advanced reboot menu and enable it.
  5. Click on the Power button.
  6. Press on the given reboot option.
  7. Click on the Recovery option this is mentioned.
  8. After clicking on the Recovery option, you must now click on OK to confirm.

That’s all! These were the easy methods to boot into Recovery Mode on Android devices.

Let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or queries while booting your Android phone into Recovery Mode.

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