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The New Google Pixel Buds A-series: Too Good for Just $99?

Google Pixel Buds A-series was launched by Google in June 2021. Google has released several earphones and Pixel Buds were their very first incursion into wireless earphones in 2020.

Google Pixel Buds are extraordinary earphones, and with their high-quality features came their high price tag. Due to this price, many users steered clear from it. Then arrived in the market, Google Pixel Buds A-series.

Google Pixel buds A-series offer the same features as Pixel Buds but not only at a lower price but also with enhancements that Google constructed from users’ feedback.

Google pixel buds a-series

Google Pixel Buds-A Review: Features, Specs & Alternatives

In appearance, Google Pixel Buds-A series is identical to its predecessor. Apart from that, there has been introduction of new features like a stabilizer arc and improved Google’s real-time translation technology. In this article, along with uncovering all the specifications of Pixel Buds A, we will also evaluate what to buy if not Pixel Buds A.

Design and controls:

Starting with the external surface of Pixel Buds A, it comes with a stabilizer arc that makes it a tight fit. Users also complain that owing to the vent in the buds which releases accumulated pressure, these can become really bothersome when worn for hours.

Google Pixel Buds A-series come in a similar looking ovoid charging case as it did previously. The way the Google has kept the costs down is by not providing wireless charging.  The case has USB-c charging port at the lower side.

Pixel Buds A series is available in market in two colors: Dark Olive and Clearly White with gray undertones.

The New Google Pixel Buds A-series: Too Good for Just $99? 1

A change from the previous generation is that there is no swipe control feature but you can summon Google Assistant with your voice. Another convenient feature is the button that triggers pairing mode; it is much easier than the method of wearing both earphones and then pressing and holding to connect.

The controls are again similar to previous version i.e., you can tap on your earbud to play, pause, skip and rewind – tap once for play/pause, twice for skip and thrice for rewind. As for the volume you can simply summon Google Assistant with the words “Hey Google, turn up or down the volume”

There is also the absence of some high-end features such as active sound cancellation and ambient sounds. Therefore, if you’re looking for earphones that will give you an immersive experience of silencing the world then these earphones aren’t the one.

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The New Google Pixel Buds A-series: Too Good for Just $99? 2

Adaptive sound feature by Google automatically adjusts the volume levels as per the surrounding levels. For example, if the surrounding volume is loud then the Adaptive sound feature automatically increases the volume level to block out the surrounding noises.

Although it is not a replacement for noise cancellation it can still be pretty handful. It should be noted that you cannot manually adjust the volume level now since swipe capability has been removed but you will have to summon Google for this purpose.

Another feature is Google Live Translation which we also enjoyed in the Pixel buds. What it basically does is that it assists people with two different languages in communicating smoothly.

How it works is that you have to hand over one bud to the other person and summon Google to translate your sentences. This feature has been enhanced immensely and works more smoothly than it did before.


The sound offered by Google Pixel buds A is worthy of attention because even at lower price Google has kept the similar 12-millimeter drivers that were originally in the google pixel buds.

Bass is sort of lacking but a simple toggling can allow bass boost which actually adds a good amount richness to lower register. Overall, compared to its predecessor sound quality has definitely improved a lot but there is still more room to grow.

The New Google Pixel Buds A-series: Too Good for Just $99? 3

Furthermore, With Pixel Buds A-series, Google promises that the microphones on this earbud will pick your voice in such a manner that it will help you sound crystal clear on calls even when you have a noisy background or if your surroundings are clamorous.

Past year with the original Pixel buds many users faced issues with the microphone and Google has addressed those problems and overcame them in Google Pixel Buds A-series.

Battery Life:

Google Pixel buds-A series come in relatively lighter weight and smaller size and that definitely has its effects on the battery life. According to google the listening time provided by this series is up to 5 hours whereas according to the experience of users it is only 2 to 3 hours.

It should be noted that different volume and bass settings use up different levels of battery. But if you wish to buy earbuds on the basis of battery life you definitely should not consider buying this product.


Now, If your concern is the battery life then better alternatives would be Creative Outlier Air, Powerbeats Pro, Apple Airpods or Jabra Elite 65T. You should not buy Google pixel Buds if you are looking for active noise cancellation or earbuds that you can comfortably wear for hours.

But if you are an Android owner and all you need are affordable wireless earbuds that feature Google Assistant and Google translation technology then at $99 Google Pixel Buds A-series will be a sensible choice.

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