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Google Pixel 6 Preview : Estimated Release Date and Full Specifications

Having been certified by Federal Communications Commission, it’s only a matter of couple of weeks before Google pixel 6 and Google pixel 6 pro finally hit the market. This article will cover everything you need to know about the surfacing information relevant to Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6 Preview: Estimated release date and full specification

The pixel series has undertaken that it will reconstruct our very knowledge of Google’s phone. Not only will it be unalike as far as design is concerned but it will also differ in the features it has to offer. With upgraded features it will undoubtedly be more expensive when compared to its predecessor Google Pixel 5, which was a mid-range phone.

Continue reading if you wish to catch on to the Google Pixel 6 information which includes those revealed by Google.

Google Pixel 6 Preview : Estimated Release Date and Full Specifications 1

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Google Pixel 6 Display:

Google Pixel 6 will come with 6.4-inch display, 1080 x 2340 pixels and 100 cm2 area. It will feature a full HD plus AMOLED display. It is estimated to have dimensions of approximately 6.31 x 2.96 x 0.32 inches. It is bigger than what most people are anticipating, its size is almost comparable to that of Pixel 6 Pro; a specification that is considered as downside by people who were expecting a more compact device.


Google Pixel 6 features bold design and aluminum body.  With its glass and metal build, there’s a horizontal camera strip at the rear that stretches edge to edge and is curved at the ends. The colors it is available in are all black, green with a tinge lime green and pale orange. The edges of the phone are sharp with more bezels than what was being expected, although they are not thick. The right-hand side of the phone holds all the physical keys with power button being below volume.


Google’s smartphones are famous for their remarkable cameras. This phone will feature three rear cameras and one on front. Furthermore, new camera sensors are debuting in Google Pixel 6 and all of them will be different. It is speculated that for the main camera, it might be featuring Samsung’s camera sensor.

If true then ISOCELL GN2 50 mega-pixel camera will without any doubt be a magnificent choice. Although there is not much information pertinent to the front facing camera, it is postulated that selfie flash could be another addition. Google has said that with Google Pixel 6 they are further eliminating facial blurs.

Google Pixel 6 Preview : Estimated Release Date and Full Specifications 2

Google Tensor Chip:

Another thing that Google has confirmed is the introduction of in-display fingerprint scanner and it is the first Pixel to feature it. Owing to this scanner, unlocking your phone will be a breeze. Along with all that, Google is also introducing their very first Smartphone Chipset called Google tensor with a codename “Whitechapel”.

This chip is manufactured by Samsung which also has been confirmed. Google Tensor chip will further give a boost to the phone’s cameras allowing frame-by-frame HDR video application to be possible. It is also presupposed that inside this chipset with be an ARM Mali-G78 GPU.

It has also been confirmed via Google that for boosting communication, Google Pixel will come with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support. It is a major improvement which only few flagship smartphones support. UWB allows a device to connect with nearby smartphones with similar tech.


Unfortunately, Google will not be providing a charging brick along with Google pixel 6. Nevertheless, a charging cable will be available and it is said that it will have 33W fast wire charging. It seems Google has also put together a wireless charging system.

Release Date:

Since Google Pixel 6 is featuring a pre-installed Android 12 and Android 12 is rumored to be released around October 4. It is sensible to conclude that Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be launched a couple of weeks after that.

It should be noted though that these two phones are on billboard display already and are being marketed. These phones are also on display in NYC store and can be viewed although not touched. Two of the images captured are attached below:

Google Pixel 6 preview

Google Pixel 6 Preview : Estimated Release Date and Full Specifications 3


The phones will be launching in US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan. As quoted by Google Hardware Chief, these phones will be “premium products”. These will be priced around $1000. Based on rumors, marketing budget will be exceptionally high. So high that it will be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy’s S series.

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