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Galaxy S20 Ultra – Detailed Look at phone’s Features [Teardown Offers]

Galaxy S20 Ultra Features and Review

In the world of smartphone, GALAXY S20 ULTRA is another blast of curiosity, launched by SAMSUNG. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has enormous camera sensors, transparent glass screen, the best connectivity features, and exclusive 5000mAh Galaxy S20 battery in its smart body. We are featuring teardown of this model, present a detailed look at the phone’s inner portion and their muster.

Galaxy S20 Ultra - Detailed Look at phone’s Features [Teardown Offers] 1

Galaxy S20 Ultra Features

Have a look at the highlighted features of Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Camera Sensors

 GALAXY S20 Ultra having a 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX camera sensor (1/1.33-inch) which is one of the huge smartphone camera sensors in the market place that is double in the scope of primary camera sensor used in the iPhone 11 series. This sensor is about 3×3 pixel, Samsung call’s ‘nona-binning’, which enhance dim light in excellence. To fix a complex zoom lens mechanism in the phone that’s just 8.8mm thin. A prism is used to bounce the light at 90˚ in front of the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor.

Galaxy S20 Ultra - Detailed Look at phone’s Features [Teardown Offers] 2


Samsung apply only a specific Phillip’s screw for making inner parts of smartphone that can resolve problems easily. Camera sensors, mm-Wave hardware can be seen on the mainboard subsequently eliminating antennas, charging coil and speakers of Galaxy S20.

Flicking over the mainboard discloses even more chipset. From Murata WIFI and Bluetooth part having three power management ICs, an RF transceiver and a front -end component from QUALCOMM, a lot QUALCOMM in the mainboard. One of its important feature is that the front-most part of this phone designed by glass and metal attached together by glue therefore to separate the back-heat gun is required.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s battery of 5000mAh is glued to the frame of phone and eliminating exposes a mm-Wave Antenna. Galaxy S20 Ultra a minimum repairability score of 3 out on a scale of 10 owing to more glue and show adjustment requiring a whole teardown of smartphone. Removing a huge 6.9-inch Super AMOLED screen disclosed as a 3D Sonic fingerprint and a display driver that creates the 120 Hz energize rate achievable.

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