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Fix Samsung Galaxy A12 Black Screen Issue

In this guide we will show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy A12 Black screen issue. The Galaxy A12 is a phone belonging to the budget category which offers low specs at a low price. Even though the device is great according to the price it asks for, but multiple user reports state that there is a

Samsung Galaxy A12 Black screen issue. Statistically a large proportion of users are not affected by this, but more than a handful users are victims to this problem.

According to these reports, your phone shows no display when this issue happens, but it vibrates normally, so this implies that the phone is functioning without giving any display. You are not able to make out anything of what’s happening on your device.

So if you also face a similar issue and want to fix it, then you are at the right place as we will be discussing how you can fix Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue.

Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue

What is Samsung Galaxy A12 Black Screen Issue?

The Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue is one of those that can happen out of nowhere. The issue consists of a black screen, but the phone is working as vibrations and sounds are present on the press of a button.

Even though the device will be receiving notifications and calls, but the user can not interfere with the screen in any way.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A12 Black Screen Issue?

There can be many reasons behind the Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue. Here, we will be discussing those reasons and will take a look at how you can fix them.

1. Check if the power buttons are jammed

The power button on your device is the button that lets turn your phone on or off or unlock it or lock it. The power button may not work properly if it is jammed due to dirt or dust. This can prevent your screen from turning on. So if you want to unjam your power button, you could try pressing the button again and again in order to make it work again.

2. Check if there is any physical or liquid damage

The Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue can be caused by physical damage or liquid damage as well. Water particles or a fall could have damaged the display on your phone and could be the reason behind why there is a blank screen showing.

You could check the liquid damage indicator on your phone which would turn from pink to purple if there has been any interaction with water. Also, check for signs of water by yourself as well.

In case of physical damage, you should check if the screen is broken at some point or not. If that is the case, you should get your phone checked at a nearby service center so that you can get the panel changed or repaired.

Fix Samsung Galaxy A12 Black Screen Issue 1

3. Your phone’s battery has discharged

A dead battery can also be the reason behind the issue. So just charge it up sufficiently and after that, check if the issue persists or not.

4. Check your charging port

Though it is far fetched, the reason behind the Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue could be that your battery has been drained. A blocked charging port could prevent your phone from being charged.

Debris or dirt inside the charging port could be blocking the charging port. You can confirm whether that’s the case or not by peeking inside your phone’s charging port using a torch. If there appears to be blockage of some kind, you should remove it using a thin pin.

5. Remove the battery (Not for Galaxy A12)

This is not for Galaxy A12, but for other devices in case you are reading this guide for any other device. The battery in Galaxy A12 is not removable, but you can remove the battery from any other devices. Replace it after a few minutes and then check if the Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue is still there or not.

6. Loose display connecter

Users who know a little about the internal hardware of a phone would probably know that the phone’s display is connected to the motherboard through a lego connector. Sometimes, this connecter could come loose and could prevent the display from showing on on your screen.

If this really is the case, you will be receiving all your notifications and calls as well. This problem could be solved by taking your device to a technician who could attach your cable again. You could also take your device to an authorized service center to get it fixed.

7. Force reboot your phone

Performing a force reboot on your phone could probably fix the Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue as a force reboot can be the solution to many software issues.

You can perform a force reboot on Samsung devices by pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume button together. Pressing the Home button and Power button could also be used to perform a reboot.

8. Clear cache

Another possible fix to the Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue could be to clear the cache on your device. This fix is for those who do not have a permanent black screen.

You can go to the Settings app > Apps > Select an app > Storage > Clear cache. Alternatively, you could also boot into recovery mode and carry out Wipe Cache Partition.

9. Get help from a technician

If none of the above mentioned methods worm for you, then the only thing you can do is to take your device to a technician. It is the last possible way to fix your device. It would be better if you took your Galaxy A12 to an authorized Samsung service center.

So that was it from our side on how to fix Samsung Galaxy A12 black screen issue. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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