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Best Way to Fix iPhone 13 Bad Battery Life

iPhones are extremely popular and valuable devices. iPhone 13 has been the latest tech gadget to have many consumers. It allows the user to have a seamless experience with innovative features and better battery life.

Many people struggle with their iPhone 13 battery life draining way too fast. The phone has a battery capacity of at least 2500mAh, almost twice the iPhone 12. The issue is caused by the huge increase in screen size from 4-inches to 5-inches. A bigger screen means more power consumption and less capacity overall for iPhone 13 battery.

How to fix iPhone 13 bad battery life

The iPhone 13 was released with a lot of excitement and agreed by many to be one of the best smartphones that Apple has ever made. However, there have been a few complaints about its battery life in recent weeks.

By disabling the 5G features, iPhone 13 can fix many of the issues with its battery. It takes more power to stay connected with 5G than with LTE. In many cases, the service isn’t as widespread as LTE, so some users may find it beneficial to turn it off completely.

You can try some interesting new tricks if you don’t want to disable 5G on the iPhone 13’s battery to improve battery life. The steps listed here will help you with your battery issues. You should follow them in the order we have specified.

Restart Your iPhone 13

A simple restart of your iPhone 13 can resolve a lot of problems. You will reduce your iPhone 13 memory usage and close all running apps. During a restart, press and hold both the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Slide the power option to the right, and the device will be completely shut down. When it turns off, hold the power button down for a long time until it turns back on. Don’t open too many apps when you start the device. If you keep opening apps and do not close them, your phone will use more battery when these apps are running in the background.

Spotify, Twitter, and other apps with background refresh settings are particularly vulnerable to this issue. If your iPhone 13 battery continues to drain rapidly after resetting, you should move on to the next step.

Shut Down Apps that Drain The Battery

As we mentioned earlier, apps can drain your battery more quickly than anything else. Keeping an eye on which apps use the most battery is a good idea because of this. It is good that Apple makes it easy to figure out what apps use the most power on our phones.

A new battery life feature will show you which apps consume the most resources on your screen according to their usage. When you’re not using your phone, this will help determine how long it will last on a single charge and how much time it can spend in a power-saving mode.

Your iPhone displays the last 24 and last ten days of usage on the screen. You can see these apps on the list based on the total amount of battery they consume.

Some of the most popular apps support background reloading, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. You may see some of your iPhone games here, too, if you play a lot of them. You can select an app to see more details, such as how much battery it uses on-screen and in the background.

According to Apple’s support document, change the notification settings within the app’s specific options if you want to alter the notification settings for that app.

The most common way people get notifications from their devices is through the app, which is done by default. This can be a major cause of battery drain. If you want to alter these settings, you’ll have to go through steps for each app, and it may not be as easy as disabling all notifications for your iPhone 13 battery life. We recommend uninstalling apps that consume a lot of battery.

Changing Location Tracking Settings

To save even more battery, change the location settings of your iPhone 13. The location settings on your iPhone 13 can consume a lot of battery power. To conserve battery power, find out what apps and services use location services and turn them off by changing the settings to save even more electricity.

Some apps may have an option for disabling their usage of location services like Locate Me, for instance. You can always turn off all other apps that use your iPhone’s GPS by going through Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services and then uncheck anything with blue under its name to save some battery power too!

The problem is that these kinds of settings also drain your iPhone 13 battery very quickly, even though they may give you some privacy. For this reason, we recommend you disable location tracking for any apps that do not require it or set them to use it only when they are opened. This may not always be helpful since some apps require your location at all times. 

Activate Low Power Mode

One way to fix the problem is to ensure that the iPhone 13 is not running in power-saving mode. If you have already done this and your iPhone 13 battery life still has not improved, you will need to try other solutions. An iPhone’s Low Power Mode is an excellent feature. However, the special mode is a temporary fix, and it’s not a good idea to use it continuously.

It’s a little-known fact that iPhone has a low power mode. This mode is designed to help users extend the battery life on the smartphone. The low power mode is an excellent feature for Apple users to stay connected, but it’s not a good idea to say goodbye forever to your iPhone 13 battery life.

Apple also said that there’s no way you can know when it will work again, so don’t expect your phone to magically have its old battery life back even after you turn off the low power mode. In addition, iPhone features such as Hey Siri will be disabled.

Since Low Power Mode doesn’t solve the iPhone 13 battery problem forever, it is not a recommended solution. When your phone’s battery starts running low, it can be a good way to get some extra life out of it. The fact that it disables many features makes it impossible to recommend it.

Reset the Settings on Your iPhone

You can always try resetting your iPhone 13 completely if you still have battery issues. There’s a possibility you’ve turned on a setting or installed an application that drains your iPhone 13 battery too quickly. 

If you reset it, Apple notes in its support document, and you will lose all applications and data on your iPhone 13. For that reason, it is not recommended unless all else fails. If you want to reset your iPhone, select General from the settings menu.

Scroll down and tap Reset iPhone or Transfer. You will receive a new menu asking if you want your phone reset or if you want to remove all contents and settings.

When you choose Reset, you will be given further options, and erasing will allow you to clear out your iPhone 13 completely. All you have to do for this feature is select Reset All Settings. However, it is possible to erase the iPhone if that does not work. However, that will result in the loss of all the information you had stored on your iPhone at the time.

If you are experiencing battery life problems with your iPhone, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that nothing is blocking the charging port.

If all else fails, it’s best to contact Apple Support because they are more detail-oriented and might pinpoint the issue.

If you have tried all of these steps and continue to experience iPhone 13 battery life problems with your iPhone, visit for more detailed troubleshooting assistance from an Apple Support representative.

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