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Fix Android 12 Decryption TWRP Issue – How To

In this guide, we will show you how to fix Android 12 decryption TWRP issue. Android is open source operating system. This means that you could install and flash custom ROMs on an Android device.

Such actions require multiple steps. But while flashing a custom ROM, it is necessary that you root your Android device, install TWRP recovery and use ADB tools on your smartphone.

Using TWRP recovery, you can easily flash a factory image of a device on your phone using fastboot. But if you want to sideload an OTA package, you will first have to unlock the bootloader on your device.

On some Android devices, you can sideload an OTA package without having to unlock your bootloader. When you sideload an image file, some script files are required that are usually found in the download file on an image file. But in the process, all of the device’s data is also wiped.

Recently, a lot of users reported that they faced the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue when they attempted to root their Android 12 using TWRP recovery. There are some ways to fix the problem which we will be discussing in this guide. So let’s get started.

Android 12 Decryption TWRP issue

How to Fix Android 12 Decryption TWRP Issue?

The Android 12 Decryption TWRP issue is causing many problems for users when they try to root their Android phones or flash any image file. You can fix the issue by downloading two script files from the links provided below.

The two zip files that are required to fix the issue are ‘encryption disabler’ and ‘’. In order to fix the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue, you will gave to sideload the provided zip files on your device.


The zip files provided above are sourced from the XDA developers forum, from where you can download them for free. The Android 12 decryption TWRP issue was faced by a lot of users, sideloading these two files solved the issue for them and will solve it for you as well.

There is an alternate fix for this issue as well. It requires you to disable dm verity force encrypt. But keep in mind that this fix did not work for all of the users. The former method proved to be more efficient.

So that was all from our side on how to fix Android 12 decryption TWRP issue. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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