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Best 7 Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Tips to Master

Here we are going to share seven of the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat tips with you.

To say it frankly, for gaming enthusiasts Final Fantasy VII Remake would be one of the hottest games of the decade. In this blog, we’ll share with you seven useful Final Fantasy VII Remake combat tips that will help you out on your Midgar, destroying foes and saving the journey in the game. It sounds a little ethically fuzzy but without further ado, let’s dive into the coop. Let us check out some of the best Final Fantasy VII Remake combat tips.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Tips

Best 7 Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Tips to Master

Although you may find various ways to improve your overall gameplay. The given tips are tested and you can use them in the long run. So we have collected some of the best Final Fantasy VII combat tips.

Tip 1: Stock Up ATB

Yes, it’s right. There is a groovy mix between turned-based and active combat with the ATB gauges being kind of the center of it. The “Blue Bars” that show on the lower right-hand side of your screen when you are in combat fills up over time. They also fill up as you start using your basic attacks on enemies.

One thing to keep in mind is that all the actions that you do beyond the square and triangle will require one or two ATB bars to execute items usage and spells. The abilities are all tied to the ATB. So, sometimes stocking up on ATB is better than burning it as soon as you have it. Hit your enemy on time with the right amount of stock of ATB.

Tip 2: Unleash on Stagger

When you are engaged in a battle with an enemy, they have two status bars. The top, of course, is their health while the bottom that is an orange bar is their stagger meter. Once that reaches full, your enemy will be incapacitated as the bar begins to go down. It indicates you of the time you have to do the massive damage.

If you are stocking up ATB to use your most powerful abilities, using the spells that the foe is weak to are the best choice you can make to win.

Tip 3: Keep Your Guard Up

Although guarding is sometimes that is downplayed, but believe it or not, it is insanely important. We know, in the action games rolling is king, but a little bit of unlearning can help a lot. Evasion has its place, of course. When the enemy tries to bind you or when you are trying to avoid the projectile attacks like ice or fire, they are better to simply be blocked.

If you are encountering a brand-new enemy you haven’t encountered yet, holding the guard at the start of the fight will give a chance to learn their moves and reduce damage. Once you get familiar with the enemy tactics, Cloud can help you launch the “Punisher Mode” and wipe out the enemy.

Tip 4: Prioritize Your Target Wisely

Enemies in combat especially the bosses will prioritize the character that you are controlling. If you are getting a lot of hits on one character, you can switch to another with the d-pad to give yourself some breathing room.

This tactic is pretty useful as it will cause the enemy to shift the character that you are now controlling. In the simplest of terms, character switching will ultimately give you a window to land some solid strikes and support your teammates.

The party AI encourages that too. It is because when other party members’ ATB fills, they take a pretty long time to use it again. Mostly, leaving you the player in charge of commands.

Tip 5: Stay Healed Up

It is crucial to healing with magic or potions when you are outside of fights. Since within a fight you have to wait for the ATB gauge. If you are wounded, you won’t have the best start of that fight. Alongside this, “MP” is also a useful commodity. So, ensuring that you use ether when your MP is low is also important.

One thing that is also quite interesting is you can multi-use and multicast your healing items by holding L1 until everyone’s health is back at fault.

Tip 6: Know Your Enemies Weaknesses and Assess Everything

Once you are familiar with the character 7 slums of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the character “Chadley” can help you in battle Intel objectives and will give you a materia called access. This materia, in particular, is used to scan your foes to learn their weaknesses and resistances. It can also give quite useful hints on how to defeat them.

So, we recommend accessing being in your loadout, at least for your first playthrough.

Tip 7: Explore the Map and Save Your Gil

You don’t need to buy more material from the vendors. There is one exception to this. Read it out.

If you explore the map, do side missions, and take part in mini-games, you will have way more materia than you will be able to equip. However, the materia you buy from Chadley after getting the battle Intel is an exception to this rule. It is because each materia you unlock already has a massive discount the first time you buy it.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most active and useful combat tips for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Use these super-easy tips to make the most out as you progress in the game. They will surely help you in the long run. Here are some Android Tips and Tricks that you should check out as well.

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