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Download YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK – Latest Version 2020

YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK was originally developed by Yousef Al-Basha, who is a very well known WhatsApp modder. The YoWhatsApp application is an enhanced version of the original WhatsApp which brings in a lot of extra features. Some days ago, the developer of YoWhatsApp had been changed. Yousef Al-Basha was replaced by Fouad, another well known WhatsApp modder. Fouad is known for their development of FMWhatsApp. Now the YOWhatsApp app is known as FouadYoWa.

This app is the best solution for those who want to make use of WhatsApp with as many features as possible. What adds the icing on the cake is that YOWhatsApp receives updates now and then, which means that users can enjoy new features frequently.

yowhatsapp 9.70.1

WhatsApp has remained a famous platform for messaging friends and family and posting stories. But some of the unfavorable features of WhatsApp curb your experience of the app. For example, WhatsApp only allows you to post videos of up to 15 seconds. Furthermore, WhatsApp also does not compensate for several features like themes, personalized privacy settings, and much more. Apart from that, you can not send too long video files or full quality images on WhatsApp. People who want to gain a better experience of using WhatsApp through increased compatibility and additional features, they should look forward to trying WhatsApp mods.

Mod applications or modified applications are the customized version of a major app that lets you experience the app with greater pliability and freedom of action. Therefore, if you want to enjoy WhatsApp with full liberty and amazing features, you need to use WhatsApp mods. The YOWhatsApp is one of the best mods of the WhatsApp application. It is a great substitute app for WhatsApp and brings in a lot of new features.

YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK Features

A few days back, YOWhatsApp released a yet new version, YOWhatsApp 9.70.1. The updates bring in extra features and several bugs from the previous version are fixed. Below, we have listed the new features of the YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK:
  • Default Lock: Originally, the traditional WhatsApp allows you to set password protection on the WhatsApp app in the form of PIN code and fingerprint. But YOWhatsApp 9.70.1  brings in a new feature that allows you to lock your WhatsApp using pattern lock protection as well as PIN code and fingerprint protection.
  • Themes: The original green and white User Interface (UI) has always proved to be very annoying for its users. The general UI has faced much criticism and what’s more, it can not even be customized. But if you use YOWhatsApp 9.70.1, you would be able to easily change themes as you like. YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 has theme support which lets you change the entire theme of the UI of WhatsApp.
  • Custom Privacy: You can alter your privacy settings as you wish and we have not even told you the best part yet. You can even have control over who can see your ‘seen’ blue tick, which of your contacts can know if you are online or not and much more holy grail features.
  • No Root: This mesmerizing mod of WhatsApp does not require your phone to be rooted. Yes, you read it right. You can use YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 even if your device is not rooted.
  • Freeze the Last Screen: This feature of YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 will allow you to freeze your last seen for a different user that you are chatting to or messaging, so this way they can not see your actual last seen when you were online. Would not that save a lot of relations?

Download YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK – Latest Version 2020

From here, you can download the latest version of YOWhatsApp APK May 2020 version. There are two versions of YOWhatsApp available that you can download according to their package name.



Last updated: 18 March 2020

Developer: Fouad Mokdad &

Version number: 9.70.1

Why You Should Use YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK

The YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 APK has a lot of brilliant features. Your experience of using it would be completely worth your while. You would certainly want to try using it as your main WhatsApp. Some of the features that make it an app worth your time are:

  • Dual WhatsApp: In normal circumstances, it is not possible for users to run more than one WhatsApp account on their phones. But if you want to run more than one WhatsApp account on your device, the YOWhatsApp is available for you. The YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 allows you to more than three WhatsApp accounts on a single device. This proves very useful for people who have more than one Sims.
  • Variant Emojis: The original WhatsApp only lets you use the default emojis available in the app and your phone’s keyboard. But with the YOWhatsApp 9.70.1, you can easily download a variant of emoji packages to use in your WhatsApp.
  • Send Long Videos: While using the original WhatsApp, you are only able to send videos that have a specific limited size, and that is too less. You can not send large video files. However, YOWhatsApp allows you to send videos that are larger than 500 MB.
  • Themes Support: As discussed previously, many users want to customize the irritating green and white general UI of WhatsApp. YOWhatsApp once again comes to save the day. The YOWhatsApp 9.70.1 has a feature that supports different themes. You can customize your entire WhatsApp UI. You also get a wide range of themes to choose from.

We hope that this article was useful to you. You really should try using YOWhatsApp 9.70.1. We can assure you that you will certainly find the WhatsApp mod worth your time. Post your questions and queries in the comment section.

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