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How To Download Xposed Framework in Android 10 [2 Methods]

Here is how to download Xposed Framework in Android 10. Downloading some applications or frameworks was not easy for the latest version of Android 10 like the XPOSED framework. But some eager users made everything possible as well as interesting. XPOSED framework supports a lot in additional shortcuts to the statement on the desktop, a modern power menu option as well as helps exclusive functions of installation of other phones; custom ROMs and modular flashing of some features also permitted by XPOSED.

Publicly, developers immobile the maintenance and development of the XPOSED framework after ANDROID Nougat so is a successful version of Android 10 launched. Numerous utensils make convenient the purpose of the XPOSED framework on Android 10. If any person searching the installation process of the XPOSED framework on another version, apply a different method.


Installing the XPOSED Framework on ANDROID 10

To install the XPOSED framework choosing XPOSED frameworks has similarities with another framework, select which one able to function. Some services will permit you to download your required XPOSED framework on the Android 10 OS version. Your phone rooted with Magisk and has Magisk Manager required for both processes of installing.


First Method to Download Xposed Framework in Android 10

An original XPOSED which works with Android Pie, Android Oreo and Android 10 is EdXPOSED, now here are the steps with which you can install it in your android easily:

Step#1: At the very first step, you have to download the following files and copy files to your Android.

  • Riru Core:
  • EdXposed: (Select the best among the two variants to get best results)
  • EdXposed Manager APK: EdXposedManager-4.5.4-4540.apk



Step#2: After copying the files now you have to open the Magisk Manager App.

Step#3: Go to the main selection, here you have to navigate to the Modules section. Now tap to the add icon button.

Step#4: You have to browse a ZIP file named, magisk-riru-core. For this purpose, you can also check the Magisk Manager Installation method that is a separate guide.

Step#5: After having the Magisk Manager file, you have to repeat steps and also add Edxposed named ZIP file.

Step#6: At his step, you have to now install the EdXosed APK file in the android.

Step#7: Now reboot your android to use see the successful installation.

Second Method to Download Xposed Framework in Android 10

The second method for downloading the Xposed framework is quite easy and known as Tai Chai method. Here are the steps following which you can install easily:

Step#1: You need to first download TaiChi Magisk Module (from and TaiChai App (from  taichi_5.8.2.apk)

Step#2: At the second step you have to open the Magisk Manager App.

Step#3: Now from the main menu selection, you have to navigate towards the Module section for the add icon button here. Tap on it.

Ste#4: Now search for the TaiChi ZIP file to add it. Now add up this file.

Step#5: Install TaiChi APK in your android.

Step#6: Reboot the device.

Now you have got two methods to easily install the Xposed framework in your Android 10.

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