Download Xiaomi MIUI 12 Super New Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers

A guide that will help you download super new earth and mars live wallpapers

Now, we can download Xiaomi MIUI 12 wallpaper pack and live wallpapers due to the latest system update. Just a few days back, the Chinese have unveiled their emphases of new MIUI. It comes with a new interface, privacy and health features, other hosts of animation, and much more. As the previous versions of MIUI were good too but this has unleashed some new effects on the android industry. If we specifically talk about wallpapers, Xiaomi has added some new static and live wallpapers in the release of MIUI 12.

The manufacturer Xiaomi has launched this new skin for their smartphones. One thing eye capture is the wallpapers, the thing is that they won’t work on every android, you can download Xiaomi MIUI wallpapers but some of them won’t work on your phones if you don’t own the Xiaomi, Redmi phones.

Download Xiaomi MIUI 12 Super New Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers

That’s not it, they have revealed some new high-resolution backgrounds too. Just to enjoy the notice formatted wallpapers on your devices, we have added the wallpapers in the link below either one by one. The divisions of the wallpapers genres are Natural texture, Geometry, Dynamic Nebula, Black & White, Mars, and Minimalist Scenery. Not just these simple wallpapers but MIUI 12 also includes live wallpapers, The Super Wallpaper Earth, and Super Wallpaper Mars. But the thing here about these live wallpapers is that they will only work on Redmi, Xiaomi, or devices that run MIUI.

Download Xiaomi MIUI 12 Super New Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers 1

From icons to animation and all the other elements, Xiaomi MIUI 12 has proved itself and is totally new. 22 models are currently available in beta testing and in the stable version. If you download Xiaomi MIUI 12 wallpaper pack, you will fall in love with them as this is one of the remarkable features of the new version that is named Super Wallpapers. Your device will look more attractive after these wallpapers. As we have discussed that they offer different textures and wallpapers with nice animations and different styles of art. The themes hold the dark eye and convert the wallpapers and make them look more interesting.

Download Xiaomi MIUI 12 Wallpaper Gallery

Follow the given link to download MIUI 12 backgrounds in the form of a single file that contains them all or you can get them individually as well. Go ahead to pick your favorite designs from the gallery and download them all.

Here you can find MIUI 12 wallpapers by Xiaomi in a single zipped file. All you need to extract them on your Android devices or computer.

Download MIUI 12 Live Wallpapers

If your Android phone is running on MIUI 11 then still you can try out new live wallpapers. These files have been extracted directly from MIUI 12.

Super Wallpaper Earth Live Wallpaper APK

Super Wallpaper Mars Live Wallpaper APK

How to Install MIUI 12 Live or Super Wallpapers on Android Phones

  • First, download the MIUI 12 Earth and Mars live wallpapers APK onto your Android device from the above links.
  • Next, download and install Activity Launcher, Nova Launcher, or Action Launcher or any other app with activity function in it.
  • Once the installation completes, press and hold the Nova or Action app on the home screen of your phone.
  • For Activity Launcher, just search for super wallpapers.
  • Choose widgets.
  • Scroll down for Nova Launcher widgets and enter it.
  • Choose the Activities widget option. Drag and drop it on the home screen.
  • Once it loads, search for super wallpapers.
  • Add the first activity to the home screen by tapping on it and apply the live wallpaper.

That’s all! Enjoy the MIUI 12 live Wallpapers wallpapers on your Android device.

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