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Download WhatsApp Stories on Android Devices Without Taking Screenshots

Here is how to download WhatsApp Stories on Android devices without taking screenshots. It’s been a while now that WhatsApp added a new status feature just like the Snapchat story. You can add any picture as your status and it will disappear after 24 hours. The status is public and anyone can see and take a screenshot to download the picture but you can have a privacy on your status so only the selected persons by you can view your status.

But can you download status without taking screenshots? Yes, you can,

There some methods you can apply to download WhatsApp status in your device but here we are going to share a couple of the easiest and simplest ways to download the stories which do not require rooting or need any other application.

First method- Download WhatsApp stories using File manager

It is a very useful and simple application which every smartphone has. Today most of the smartphones have a pretty decent built-in file manager. Even if you do not have a decent built-in file manager you would already be using a file manager downloaded from play store, so here’s how you can easily use the file manager to download the WhatsApp stories.

Download WhatsApp Stories on Android Devices Download WhatsApp Stories on Android Devices Without Taking Screenshots 1

1. Open the file manager and enable Show hidden files option from there

2. Go to the internal storage of your device and find the WhatsApp folder.

3. There will be a folder named Media and a hidden one named.Statuses.

4. In this folder, there will be all the statuses you have viewed

5. To have these statuses on your mobile phone simply copy the videos or pictures in any other folder.

Download WhatsApp Stories on Android Devices Without Taking Screenshots 2

Second Method : Download WhatsApp Stories using Story Saver for WhatsApp

Download APK

So if you don’t want to use the file manager or you do not have a decent file manager in your device and you don’t want to download it from play store, so there is an application for you available at play store which is even simpler from the file manager to use. The name of the application is Story saver for WhatsApp.

  • Download the App from Play store
  • Run the application and you will see three buttons there with the names – Recent Stories, Saved stories and How to use?
  • There is guide How to use? You can have a look at that too a should open the recent stories button
  • There will be all the recent stories viewed by you on the WhatsApp
  • Here you have to find the story any picture or video you want to download.
  • After finding the story you want to download just tap on the download option
  • After you have downloaded the story you can see them in the saved stories button
  • As usual, there are options for sharing and deleting the pic.

Here you have the guide to download the WhatsApp status without taking a screenshot. These were the easy methods to download WhatsApp stories without taking screenshots on Android devices.

So know for you the WhatsApp status does not actually last for 24 hours right?

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