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How To Download Whatsapp Sniffer App [Spy APK]

Today in this article, we come with one of the best spy Android app which is known as Whatsapp Sniffer app. Now you can download the Whatsapp Sniffer app and start monitoring your family or children. First, we know about the WhatsApp Android app. Being an Android or iPhone user, you may already know that Whatsapp is one of the most popular social networking and chatting service. It is widely used all over the world and easily available in the Google play store. The WhatsApp is a free messaging app and currently Millions of people are already using Whatsapp on their Android smartphones/tablets.

This amazing app does not only allow you to chat but you can also share text, video, audio, pictures and much more. The WhatsApp is totally free, just you need a better internet connection. You can chat and share materials with all over the world without pay any signal buck it. You are already using this app and also your son, friend and family member using it. So if you are worried about your family and wish to track your family for saving them from bad habits. Now the third party app is available for tracking your family chats on Whatsapp.

This spy app is known as the Whatsapp Sniffer app and you can download the Whatsapp Sniffer app from given below link and install it on your device. After installing this app, you can see the connected person, messaging history, contact list and what he/she does. Now we check that how Whatsapp Sniffer app work and monitor your family members. You can only track those people who are connected with your wifi network. Keep in mind this app will not work if he/she using another wifi network.

The Whatsapp Sniffer app is not available in the Google play store. So given below we share the direct link of this amazing spy app. Through that, you can download the Whatsapp Sniffer app and install it on your device. If you are interested in monitoring your family then download the Whatsapp Sniffer app and follow the given instructions.

Download The Whatsapp Sniffer app
Download The Whatsapp Sniffer app

Features Of WhatsApp Sniffer

  • Whatsapp sniffer consists of the feature of notifying the user.
  • It offers the service of reading outgoing and incoming conversation from any other device.
  • Different conversations are arranged separately with their phone numbers.
  • It even works for the numbers which are hacked also.
  • You will not have to root your Android device in order to install this app.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Sniffer

  • Unlike, the old free version of this app allows you to read the whole conversations.
  • The plus point is, That it is AD-FREE.
  • Moreover, You are allowed to keep the free chats and the remaining you can delete.

Download The Whatsapp Sniffer app:

Download Whatsapp Sniffer app [Mirror]

Steps to Install WhatsApp Sniffer app on Android Phones:

Step No 1: – Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK directly on your phone or computer.

Step No 2: – If you have downloaded the .apk file on your PC then transfer the downloaded APK file to your smartphone.

Step No 3: – On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Security > check “allow unknown sources”.

Step No 4: – Locate WhatsApp Sniffer APK using a file explorer on your phone.

Step No 5: – Tap on the.APK file and follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the installation process.

Step No 6: – Once installed, open the application through the app drawer.

Now after installing this app, we can see how it work.

How To Work Whatsapp Sniffer App:

Step No 1: – After installing open WhatsApp Sniffer APK.

Step No 2: –Click the checkmark in the box icon. (Make sure your device must be connected with wifi and your target device also connect your same wifi network)

Step No 3: – Now Click start to tracking the person.

Step No 4: – After loaded you will get your target result about his/her easily.

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