Download SP Flash Tool v5.1952 (Mediatek Devices)

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1952 (SmartPhone Flash Tool): From what we all know about rooting and flashing android devices, each smartphone brand manufactures its devices uniquely, with specific components. Hence, each brand has its own take on the Android operating system.

Also, the Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) enables us to flash stock ROMs or custom ROMs on Android devices. So, in this guide, we’ll let you know about the Smart Phone Flash Tool and its features. It can be, adding a skin over the OS or maybe many different added features. Every brand has a particular way with their device. You can root some devices over a command line, some require specific software (Samsung-Odin). Here, we have given direct links to download the SP Flash Tool (Mediatek Devices).

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1952 (SmartPhone Flash Tool)

The MediaTek line-up, which was late to the Android party had its fair share of issues, in the beginning. Rooting was one of them. But we’re a long way since then, and things have changed.SP flash tool is the solution for all your rooting and flashing problems if you own a MediaTek device.

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Here is a list of requirements that you need to complete before using SP Flash Tool:

  • Windows PC – desktop or laptop
  • USB cable
  • MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
  • Scatter file
  • Firmware files
  • Backup your phone


  1. Make sure to make a complete backup of all your relevant data before using SP Flash Tool.
  2. Flashing any custom ROM on your Android Smartphone device, It may void your phone warranty.

Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) Features:

Flash Stock ROM:

You can easily flash scatter based firmware on any Android smartphone (MTK based) and can upgrade / downgrade or upgrade your device firmware as well.

Flash Recovery:

You can flash custom recoveries on Android devices by simply adding the scatter file in the SP Flash tool. Navigate to the recovery.img image and just flash that recovery images with a few clicks.

Memory Test:

Users can verify and test the RAM on external memory and the NAND Flash on the device.

Parameter Setting:

SP Flash Tool enables you to read/write the parameter on devices.

Format Device / Hard Reset:

We can format Android phones running on the MediaTek Chipset. Just load the Scatter file and connect the device to the PC and click on the Format button.


This feature allows the customer to run Flash Tool in console mode.

  • Advanced Mode provides more operations or options than Normal Mode for advanced users who need these functions.
  • In Advanced Mode, Physical Format/Readback, Write Memory and Security Download is available.
  • Enter Advanced Mode
  • Ctrl + Alt + V can enter or exit from advanced mode.

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SP flash tool which stands for Smart Phone Flash Tool is a cross-platform application that can download built images and binary data to MediaTek smart phone chips. Now it supports Win XP 32-bit and Ubuntu 10.4. It offers features for users to test and verify the external memory Device RAM and NAND flash.


  • Flashing Custom firmware
  • Flash kernel
  • Memory Test
  • Format Option
  • Console Mode
  • Other Advanced features

Things to Remember

  • SP flash tool is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • First of all, backup of all data is recommended, as flashing custom firmware may wipe your entire device.
  • You must have USB drivers for your device preinstalled.
  • Furthermore, you can use this guide for MediaTek based smartphones. First, verify your phone’s chipset before using this software.
  • Flashing custom firmware voids your warranty.

SP Flash Tool for Windows:

File Name:
Size: 60.7 MB
Compatibility: Windows
Drivers: MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers
Developer: MediaTek Inc.

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1632

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1636

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1640

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1712

Download  SP Flash Tool v5.1716

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1720

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1724

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1728

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1744

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1804

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1812

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1816

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1820

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824 — Latest!

SP Flash Tool For Linux Users:

File Name:
Size: 68.3 MB
Compatibility: Linux
Developer: MediaTek Inc.

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1632

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1636

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1640

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1712

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1716

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1724

Download SP Flash Tool v5.1728

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1804

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1812

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1816

Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824 — Latest!

How to Install Firmware with SP Flash Tool

Follow the given steps on how to use SP Flash Tool and install the firmware on MTK compatible devices.

Step 1: First of all, download the firmware file / stock ROM that you want to flash on your MTK phone.

Step 2: Once the downloading completes, extract the ROM file on the desktop of your PC.

Step 3: Next, download SP Flash Tool and extract it on your PC.

Step 4: Open the folder where you have extracted the files, and launch flash_tool.exe file.

Step 5: Click the ‘Choose’ button for Scatter-loading File inside.

Step 6: You can find this scatter TXT file among the extracted firmware ROM files.

Step 7: It’s important to untick the ‘Preloader’ option from the list of files that you are flashing. If you flash preloader.bin file to your phone, it can brick your device.

Step 8: Begin the flashing process by clicking the ‘Download’ button. This option will load the firmware files in SP Flash Tool.

Step 9: Finally, turn OFF the MTK device and connect it with your PC via its USB data cable. Once the device is connected, press and hold Volume Down or Volume Up keys for the tool to detect your device and initiate the flash process.

Step 10: Once the process completes, a big green tick will appear on the screen.

Step 11: You can now close the SP Flash Tool and disconnect your phone from the USB cable.

These were the complete steps to download SP Flash Tool and steps on how to install firmware with SP Flash Tool.

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