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Download Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020

Here is a detailed guide on how to download Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020 to remove FRP Lock from Samsung devices.

If you are an Android user, you probably would have faced difficulty with essential Google passwords at some point. It is common that we forget our integral Google account credentials that we sometimes need to login into our Android smartphones. Then eventually, there is only one conceivable solution to the problem and that is to factory reset your Android phone and that is where the FRP hijacker tool comes in. If you are a Samsung user and tend to get stuck in the same situation, the FRP hijacker tool is just for you. In this article, we will be providing you the links to download Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020 to remove FRP Lock from your Samsung device.

The above-mentioned problem is very common among Samsung users. In this article, we will be telling you a way to avoid the use of factory resetting to your phone and gaining access to your device without. For this, you need the FRP hijacker 1.0 tool. By using this tool, you can bypass the Google Account Verification process if you forgot your essential Google Account credentials that you are required to login to your Google Account. Furthermore, you can bypass the FRP on any of your Samsung devices in the download mode without even having to use any combination ROM and just by simply enabling the ADB mode on your device.

Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020

Download Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020 to Remove FRP Lock from Samsung Devices

What is FRP Lock?

Before you go to download the FRP hijacker tool, you need to properly know what is the FRP lock and what is the FRP tool. Furthermore, you also need to understand why this lock is present on your device.

FRP stands for ‘Factory device protection’. Factory resetting your device means that you reset your device and your device will go back to being just as it was when you purchased it. When you factory reset your device, all of your device data and the files on your device will be deleted. Your device will become completely new and there would be no personal data of yours left. Google introduced this feature on all of the Android smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it gets activated as soon as you log in to your Android mobile phone or Tablet.

The choice of Factory Reset Protection is very useful when you want to sell your phone. After you have transferred all of your personal data and files to a different phone, you can factory reset your phone, for which you will need your Google account credentials or it would not be possible. Furthermore, the FRP lock also makes it difficult to use a stolen phone because the person who has stolen the device can not remove any of the personal files or data of the original user because he does not know the password to your Google account. This also helps the original owner of the device to trace it back using several ways.

What is FRP Hijacker Tool?

As the name suggests, the FRP hijacker tool is just a tool that you can use to hijack the FRP lock on your Android mobile phone, which is to bypass the FRP lock on your Android device. Although this tool faces criticism for providing help to people with bad intentions, its original purpose is to help those Android users who want to factory reset their Android device for a genuine reason and can not do so because they have lost the credentials to their Google account.

Apart from that, there are also several other reasons for which a Samsung device user would want to factory reset his device. This tool performs another awesome task, which is to fix the soft brick issue on your Samsung device. The soft brick issue occurs while performing root to your device, unlocking the Bootloader, etc. The FRP hijacker tool makes the use of your Samsung device’s dialer to bypass the Factory Reset Protection lock on your mobile phone or tablet and after you have enabled the ADB, you can also use the ADB mode on your device.

Download FRP Hijacker tool v1.0

You can download the FRP Hijacker tool v1.0 from the below link :

FRP hijacker tool v1.0

How To Install the FRP Hijacker Tool v1.0?

To install the FRP hijacker on your device, you just need to follow our list of simple steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to download the FRP hijacker tool v1.0 from the link provided above.
  2. You also need to ensure that your PC has the latest version of the Microsoft Net Framework installed on it.
  3. Then you need to extract the FRP hijacker tool on your PC and then open the executable (.exe) file.
  4. The program will ask you for a password. You must go and find that password in the zip file.
  5. After that, you need to complete the installation process of the FRP hijacker tool on your PC.
  6. Now open the file.
  7. Congratulations! Now you are all ready to bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung device by using the FRP hijacker tool.

How to Use the FRP Hijack Tool on Samsung Devices

For your convenience, we have also written down a guide on how to use the FRP hijacker tool on your Samsung device to bypass the FRP lock.

  1. As soon as you are through with the installation process of the tool, open it.
  2. The main menu will open up, which will look like the image given below:FRP Hijack Tool on Samsung Devices
  3. From the drop-down list shown in the image, you are required to select the device model.
  4. Then you need to connect your device to your computer by using a USB cable in the download mode.
  5. You will see that there are two courses of action given to you – Remove FRP and SoftBrick Fixer. You need to select the Remove FRP option and click on the Hijack It button.
  6. That is it! Now you have successfully bypassed the FRP lock on your Samsung device!

And that was it! I hope that you easily bypassed the FRP lock on your device and did not face any difficulty while using the FRP hijacker tool. You can use the FRP hijacker tool to resolving the SoftBrick issue on your Samsung device too. If you have any queries or questions, post them in the comment section.

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