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Download Root Genius Application (One-Click Root)

Taking Android customizability to the next level is the ability to root an Android device. By rooting your device, you can modify even the smallest icon or a font, to something as complex as modifying lines of code in system files. So rooting devices has become something very common.

By rooting your phone, you get complete access to everything in your operating system, giving you the permission to change stuff and in turn, increase the performance of your phone. But for some manufacturers, this may void your warranty, so be aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

While most people don’t mind the hassle of going through lines of code to root their device, most users prefer something easy as installing an app. We have exactly something like that for you. Out of the many Applications to root your device, one prominent option is the Root Genius.

Download Root Genius Application (One-Click Root) 1

Features of Root Genius Application

One-Click Root

As simple as that.Just install the application on your computer. connect the device to your PC and then just press root, and within a few moments, your device has been rooted.

Comes as Portable and Setup App

It can be used as a Portable version, where you just need to copy the app to your Pc and run it from there, whereas the Setup version requires you to install the software on your computer.

Support Recovery Root Mode

If your device is tough to root then Root Genius will automatically try to root your device through the Recovery mode.

Doesn’t Install Any Extra Application

No extra applications are installed on your phone or your PC while your device is being rooted.

Download Root Genius Application

We’ve included some of the older version, and also the latest version of the app.

Mobile app : Root Genius.apk


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An Electrical Engineer, dreamer, audiophile, hardcore android fanboy, who loves to root and tweak android phones.Currently using a Honor 6X.Self-Proclaimed Technical Consultant

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