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Download Newflasher – How To Flash Sony Xperia Devices

Now you can download Newflasher and a detailed guide on how to flash Sony Xperia devices. The Newflasher tool is is the Xperia command line flash tool. This fantastic tool is useful for the owners of Sony’s latest flagship models, XZ2 onwards.

You can use and download NewFlasher, the newest flash software to flash the firmware on your Xperia device. In the previous days, Sony’s users were using XperiFirm to flash Sony’s flagship phones. XperiFirm was a reputable utility, but it only supported Sony’s flagship line till Xperia XZ1. However, for older devices, you can still use the Flashtool.

Thanks to the developer munjeni for developing a tool, Newflasher that supports the latest models like XZ2 and onwards. Below we have given the compatibility list of supported flagships with this new flash tool called Newflasher.

Follow the given guide on how to flash the firmware on the Xperia device using the Newflasher. Ahead we have attached a direct link to download Newflasher utility.

Download Newflasher Command Line Flash Tool for Sony Xperia Phones

Newflasher Command-Line Flash Tool for Sony Xperia Phones

Here is a list of compatible Xperia devices with Newflasher:

  • Xperia XZ2
  • Xperia XZ2 Compact
  • Xperia XZ2 Premium
  • Xperia XZ3
  • Xperia 10
  • Xperia 10 Plus
  • Xperia 1

Download Sony Xperia Newflasher Flash Tool:

File: newflasher_v18.rar

File Size: 4.98 MB


Please note that Newflasher is supported on Windows, Linux, and Android. All you need to use the correct binary for the Newflasher.

If you want to download the source code of NewFlasher then you can find the source code for the NewFlasher by clicking here.

How to Use Newflasher To Flash Your Sony Xperia Phones

  1. First of all, download the drivers using the XperiFirm tool. You can also use Flashtool to install drivers as it will make sure that all the necessary drivers are installed for your Xperia device.
  2. Install the Flashtool drivers from the location “C:\Flashtool\drivers”. You need to check the “Flashmode Drivers” and “Fastboot Drivers” option.
  3. Next, enable USB Debugging on your device by navigating to Settings > Developer Options and Unknown Sources from Settings > Security.
  4. Once done, download the Xperia Firmware. To do this, run the Flashtool and click on the XperiFirm icon.
  5. Head to your device shown in the left pane, and choose the firmware for your region/carrier. The right pane will show you the information about the firmware available for your area.
  6. Now, click on the firmware and then click on Download to proceed with the downloading process of the firmware file.
  7. Once the download process completes, close the download window. You will see that there are two new folders created on your PC, one for the firmware and the other one for the newflasher.
  8. Open the firmware folder and select all the .ta files and delete them.
  9. Next, open the “boot” folder which is located within the main firmware folder. You will find there is one .ta file called “Maple_XBootConfig_MiscTA”Delete that file too.
  10. Create a new folder named “partition” inside the main firmware folder.
  11. Extract the files which are located in the main firmware folder to the newly created “partition folder”.
  12. You need the entire content of the firmware folder into the Newflasher folder now.
  13. Connect the Xperia device to the PC before starting the process using the Newflasher. Hold the Volume down button while connecting the device to your PC.
  14. In the command prompt, type ‘n’ and hit Enter.
  15. You need to again type ‘n’ and hit Enter. Now the flashing of the firmware will start on the Xperia device.
  16. After the flashing process completes, a message will display “You can disconnect your device when you close newflasher.exe”
  17. Done! These were the steps to flash the firmware on the Xperia device using Newflasher. Your device may take some time to boot up, so just wait.

If you are having issues with the download link or steps, let us know in the comments below.

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