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Download Modded YouTube APK with Dark Mode and Background Playback

Although there are a lot of video streaming applications for android phones YouTube is still considered to be the best one among them. It has successfully gathered users from all over the world and is the most streamed app among teenagers, kids, and adults. This application is considered to be the most suitable one for watching short videos or movies.

However, the only problem associated with this app is considered to be its white background. This white colored bright background of YouTube annoys the users due to its contrast. So as we are always looking for ways to sort out your complaints, therefore we are giving you happy news that a darker mode for YouTube so that you can easily watch videos on this amazing app without being annoyed.

In case you feel you are stuck forever to watch YouTube videos with that annoying white background, you couldn’t be more wrong. According to our research, the Android department is soon bringing a darker mode of watching YouTube. The name given to this feature is ‘Dark Watch’. You can soon be able to use this feature but it’s not yet enabled because its making is not completed.

Once its ready to launch, the android police will introduce it to all the android users and you will be able to activate the Dark Mode by enabling it from your settings.

Download Modded YouTube APK with Dark Mode and Background Playback 1
Image credit: Android Police

Download Modded YouTube APK with Dark Mode, No Ads, and Background Playback:

If you watch videos using normal YouTube mode, due to a bright background the video might be annoying but at least all the icons and texts are pretty visible, however, with the Dark Mode YouTube, most of the icons would not be visible and that is the issue on which scientist are working on. Before its official launch on Android devices, they are looking for ways to sort out this issue.  So that you don’t miss any of the texts or icons because of the darker background and make the maximum out of your YouTube entertainment.

What’s more to this amazing feature is that the Dark Watch app will also be able to block out all the annoying YouTube ads. This future also allows the users to be play videos in the background so now you can use your phone for other purposes while listening to the YouTube videos playing in the back.

The Dark Watch app will surely make our YouTube experience hundred times better, but right now let’s have a little patience and wait for the launch of this amazing YouTube mode.

Download Modded YouTube APK with Dark Mode and Background Playback 2
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How to Install YouTube App with Dark Mode

  1. In order to install the Dark Watch youtube app, you need to remove the normal Youtube app first.
  2. After that, go to settings of your Android device and Enable Unknown Sources
  3. The next step is to install them both APK files i.e. Youtube APK and microG APK.
  4. Wait for the completion of the download.
  5. After that, you will see that the youtube icon now has a black background.

Now play your favorite video and enjoy it in a dark background.

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