Download Miracle Xiaomi Tool V1.55 Latest Setup 2021

In this guide, we will show you how to download the latest Miracle Xiaomi Tool V1.55. The Xiaomi smartphone company has no shortage of admirers. Owing to their devices, the Chinese OEM have many tech enthusiasts. Thanks to this number of tech enthusiasts, the Xiaomi devices, including Redmi, Mi and Poco devices have a huge collection of tweaks and mods available for their users. Once you manage to unlock the device’s bootloader, you can proceed to flash a number of custom ROMs, recoveries, carrying out tweaks and in addition to that, you can also root your device using Magisk.

But before you carry out any of these tweaks, you need to take care of certain things. These include taking a device backup before performing any tweaks, removing any existing device protection and booting the device into bootloader mode and other tasks. These tasks prove to be difficult for everyday users and they find it hard to carry them out. But that is where the Miracle Xiaomi Tool comes in. This tool is all you need to carry out all of these mentioned tasks without any problems. So from this tool, you can download the latest Miracle Xiaomi tool V1.55 for your Xiaomi device on your PC. Read on!

Miracle Xiaomi Tool

What is Miracle Xiaomi Tool

There is a number of functionalities that this tool brings in for Xiaomi users. So before you head towards the download of the tool, let’s take a loot at what this tool has to offer:

Supports Various Modes

The Miracle Xiaomi tool comes with support for various device modes, including the EDL, ADB, Fastboot and Sideload mode. With this, booting your device into these modes and carrying out various ADB and Fastboot commands. Along the same lines, if you end up with a bricked device, then you can use this tool to directly boot your device into the Emergency download mode. Along with that, you can also utilize the sideload mode to transfer files from your PC to your Xiaomi device.

Remove Device Protection

The Miracle Xiaomi tool also helps you to remove Factory reset protection for your device that has been put by Google on to your device. Along the same lines, you can also use this tool to remove pattern lock, password or PIN from your device. Similarly, you can also erase all of the data on your device using factory device reset.

Support for Various Devices

The Miracle Xiaomi Tool comes with compatibility for every major Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco and Mi devices running on either a MediaTek chipset or a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. So now that you have got an idea of what this tool has to offer, let’s proceed to the download of this tool.

Download Miracle Xiaomi Tool V1.55 Latest Setup 2021

You can get hold of the latest version of the Miracle Xiaomi Tool, V1.55 from the link given below:

Once you have downloaded the tool, then you are required to launch the setup and then follow the instructions given on screen to install the tool. On this note, we conclude our guide on how to download Miracle Xiaomi Tool. We hope that you found this guide helpful. If you have any queries regarding the same, let us know in the comment section below.

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