Download MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers

Here you will gonna know that how you can download MediaTek USB VCOM drivers for your cellphone. The installation of the drivers MT65xx preloader and MT67xx preloader will ensure secure  USB data transfer and also for complete recognition by the system of your phone. It will also allow you to run programs such as SP Flash Tool and more. Depending on what you need, we have all MediaTek VCOM drivers listed ahead. You can check that which MTK is compatible with your system.

MediaTek processors are gaining attraction in the recent few years. MT65xx and MT67xx series also provide great performance and great value. If you own a MediaTek device then you have to install MediaTek VCOM drivers to connect your PC with a cellphone. These drivers are very important because they are being used to flash firmware files, installing a custom ROM or TWRP recovery. Here are few MTK drivers given depending on what kind of MediaTek chipset you are having.

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MediaTek Processors / Model Numbers:

MediaTek is a company that focuses on chip design and processors. It also produces a large amount of lineup of processor models which range in the core count, performance and features, etc. MediaTek MT65xx, MT67xx or MT68xx are few processors varying performance levels.

MediaTek processors follow a standard versioning scheme. As the features with different performances improved etc. Here are some of the MediaTek models that are very important to be known.

MT65 Series (MT65xx)

MediaTek’s MT65 series of processors start with model number MT6516 and go up-to MT6595. This lineup consists of Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-core, and Deca-Core processors. The architecture for all of these processors is ARMv7.

MT67 Series (MT67xx / Helio)

MT67 processors from MediaTek are based on ARMv8 architecture. Starting from base MT6735 model number that is quad-core, the models go up-to MT6797 which feature 10 cores (Deca-Core).

Also, MediaTek announced Helio name to the processors within the MT67 series so some processors go by different Helio names as well such as Helio X20. The most common chipsets are Helio P70, Helio P90, etc.

MT68 5G Series (MT68xx / Dimensity)

MediaTek’s 5G capable chipsets go by MT68 model numbers. Furthermore, this time around, MediaTek has named these chipsets as Dimensity. At the time of writing, there are three main processors, Density 1000, Dimensity 1000L and Dimensity 800. All three come with 5G capabilities.

Download MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers

As you buy your devices from different manufacturers but you will need certain USB drivers to connect your device with a phone. So the main thing in this case you have to download drivers to connect your phone with the PC.

MediaTek preloader drivers try to develop your computer so that it correctly communicates with your Android MTK device.

Here is how to download and install proper drivers for your MTK phone:

Download MediaTek MT65xx Drivers:

File Name:
Size: 401.63 KB
Total Downloads: 1,800,000+
MTK Chipset: MT65xx series / Helio processors
Developer: MediaTek

Download MediaTek MT67xx Drivers:

File Name: MT67xx_USB_VCOM_DRIVERS.rar
Size: 342.53 KB
Total Downloads: 1,000+
MTK Chipset: MT67xx series
Developer: MediaTek
In this way, we have to say that both are supported in all ways.

How to Install MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers (MT65xx / MT67xx Preloader)

Step 1 – Download MediaTek USB VCOM drivers from the links above (and below) and extract them.

Step 2 – Here you will need to know that access Device Manager. Do so by right-clicking on My Computer and clicking on “Manage”. In the new window that pops up, select “Device Manager” from the menu shown on the left.

Step 3 – The computer you are using will be shown at the top with its name. Right-click on the name and select Add Legacy Hardware.

Device Manager - Windows [MTK VCOM Drivers]

Step 4 – A new wizard will pop up. Just click on Next.

VCOM Drivers - Installation 1

Step 5 – From the following menu choose the second option shown in the screenshot below and click Next.

VCOM Drivers - Installation 2

Step 6 – You will be shown a long list in the following screen. Just select Show All Devices and click Next.

VCOM Drivers - Installation 3

Step 7 – Click on Have Disk in the following window and select any .inf file you extracted in Step 1.

Step 8 – Once selected, click on Next. There will be a security warning on which you can select Install Anyway.

Step 9 – Restart your PC and connect your Mediatek MT65xx or MT67xx device.

That’s all you have to do it! After correctly installing USB drivers for your MediaTek device, you can use different tools to flash different files and also stop worrying about failed data transfers.

SP Flash Tool – Download:

SP Flash Tool

Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) is one of the most popular firmware for files, custom ROMs and even Install the custom recovery like TWRP. You can have to download SP Flash Tool for Windows and Linux. It supports every Android MTK device out there. You just need to make sure you have the correct scatter file and firmware files that you want to flash on your phone.

These were the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers. Let us know in the comments area below if you have still any issue while installing them.

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