Download Live Wallpapers for Android (Battery Friendly)

Download live wallpapers for Android: Here, we have given a list of top 5 battery friendly live wallpapers for Android. Android has many good features and one of them is Live wallpaper, and I also like them. The feeling of having a live wallpaper on your smartphone is so amazing. Many people don’t use them as there is a very common myth that Live wallpapers drain smartphone’s fast. But the truth is if the Live wallpaper is optimized properly then it is not going to affect your phone’s battery severely. Proceed to check out the list and download live wallpapers for Android.

There are five well designed and greatly optimized live wallpapers and I have created a list of them for you to so that you can enjoy the feel of live wallpaper on your device without affecting its battery life.

Download Live Wallpapers for Android (Battery Friendly) 1

Download Live Wallpapers For Android:

These are the top 5 and best live wallpapers for Android devices.

Game Of Life

Here’s the first live wallpaper, Game Of Life is a very unique and amazing live wallpaper available in play store. It has cellular Automation and designed very well. This live wallpaper has a cell which destroys and then new ones are formed this animation looks so good on the screen. Other than that you can customize it as there are a lot of options available, like changing the colors, touch reactions etc.

Download Live Wallpapers for Android (Battery Friendly) 2
The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Forest, as its’s name, shows it is a view of the forest, a very peaceful view of wind blowing and blue sky changing its color. Its animation is so good which make it one of my favorite Live wallpaper.

Another amazing fact about this Wallpaper is that is syncs with the atmosphere around you and gives you the same weather experience on your mobile screen. Forest has a 3D parallax effect which you experience when you tilt your device or while scroll.

This live wallpaper has a lot more options to customize.

Forest Live Wallpaper
Forest Live Wallpaper
Developer: Kaka
Price: Free

Google Pixel

Google Pixel Android smartphone was released with having some great live wallpapers and after a short interval of time, these amazing live wallpapers were out for everyone so that anyone can have them as their live wallpaper. These Live Wallpaper are slight and amazingly beautiful and provide the user a great interaction.

If you want to have them as your wallpapers you can get them from here

One more thing that these Google pixel live Wallpapers works efficiently with good and high-end processors like Snapdragon 800 series. There is a chance of lag if you use them on low and mid-end processors.

Grass LWP [Revamped]

This wallpaper shows the lush green grass with animation and it’s background changes as the time od your day changes. It’s a very nice and well optimized Live wallpaper.

Grass LWP [Revamped]
Grass LWP [Revamped]
Developer: FUN DROID
Price: Free

Check Popular Wallpapers

Connect Dots

I have been using this live wallpaper for a month now and Connected Dots is my favorite live wallpaper at moment. As from the name this live wallpaper randomly connects dots and these dots do not touch one another which creates a very smooth effect.

Connected Dots - Digital Net Live Wallpaper
Connected Dots - Digital Net Live Wallpaper
Developer: Deb
Price: 0,89 €

You can change the background, theme, alter the speed, etc.

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