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Download/Install Android Oreo 8.1 (AICP 13.1) on LeEco Le Pro3

With the incredible advancement in technology, there is always scope for improvement and fixes to each and every sphere. One such noted department is the updates related to operating systems of Android devices. Now you can download and install the latest version of Android Oreo 8.1 on your LeEco Le Pro3 device following the steps are given below.

One of the most strongly establishing strongholds, LeEco is making it abundantly clear that they are looking to really engage multiple segments of the tech world. The Le Pro3 was the first phone available in the US from LeEco very similar in nature to Motorola and OnePlus and most probably, competing on price, with the Le Pro3 at just $400 with the company succeeding in giving out a quality product. The Le Pro3 is described as a capable, long-lasting phone wrapped up in a body that feels essentially more expensive than it costs and endeavors to deliver great performance and excellent battery life in a premium design. And now the update of the device to Android Oreo 8.1 is available to install. So if you want to know how to download and install Android oreo 8.1 on Le pro 3, read on the following step by step guide.

Download Android 8.1 Oreo for LeEco Le Pro3

Android 8.1 Oreo rolled out in December last year, on some specific devices, and the owners of LeEco Le Pro3 do not have to wait longer as it’s already now available to download and install on the device.

Last month the official update was released limited to users using a Pixel or Nexus device, specifically the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6P, but as of now Android Oreo 8.1 can also be downloaded and installed on the Leeco Le pro 3 device .

Android 8.1 oreo, primarily enables the Pixel Visual Core which is a co-processor that improves the speed of processing HDR photos, while sideways reducing the consumption on your phone’s battery. To be more specific you can expect it to apparently make the device five times faster while using less than one-tenth of the energy approximately.

Android oreo update to 8.1, will bring bug fixes, security patches, and a new Neural Networks API, designed to accelerate on-device machine intelligence to your device. Along with other major fixes, some smaller changes are also visible as a part of Android 8.1 oreo update. You can now see the battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth settings screen, and a reduced chance of screen burn-in is also expected apparently because the status bar will change coloring some apps, and several emoji have been redesigned as the new update rolls out.

So by far, the biggest benefits of Android 8.1 could be estimated for those on low-end devices.


Before you start to download and install the latest version of Android on LeEco Le Pro3 to Android 8.1 oreo, remember to keep the following pre-requisites.

1. First and foremost, this particular update of custom ROM is only for LeEco Le Pro3. You should not try this method to update any other devices to android 8.1 oreo.

2. Another very important point is to ensure that you have a backup of your important data and file to have full security.

3. Always make sure that your LeEco Le Pro 3 device is fully charged or at least the battery life should more than 60% to ensure hassle-free update.

4. Download and install LeEco Le Pro3 USB drivers on your PC.

5. Enable USB Debugging Option on your phone.

Steps to Install Android 8.1 Oreo on LeEco Le Pro3 (AICP 13.1)

1.Make sure your device has the latest TWRP recovery installed.

2. Download the firmware file from the link given below.

3. Next, transfer the downloaded file to the internal storage (root folder) of your device.

4. Now you have to reboot to the TWRP recovery by holding your Power + Volume Down buttons altogether for a few seconds.

5. Take a backup by selecting the option from the home screen.

6. Select install option now.

7. Browse for the downloaded ROM file and select it.

8. You can also flash the Gapps file and then Magisk but that’ optional depending upon your choice.

9. Once the flashing process completes, the last step is to reboot your phone and you will be booted into AICP 13.1 based on Android Oreo 8.1.

You have successfully downloaded and installed Android Oreo 8.1 on LeEco Le Pro3 ( AICP 13.1).

Android 8.1 Oreo Key Features:

Some of the key features that you might expect instantly as you download and install Android oreo 8.1 on your LeEco Le Pro3 device include enhanced pictures in Picture Mode, the all-new Android O Emoji, the advanced Doze Mode, Auto Fill Password, New Notification UI and many other intrinsic fixes and bug improvements.

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This means that the battery manager interface has gone through minor refinements and will improve its monitoring of apps that consume greater battery power. So with Android 8.1 Oreo, an alert will be sent to the user with details of the app’s battery use with a notification that will appear in the notification bar and on the lock screen. All you have to do is just tap on the notification and the system will suggest some commands that will limit the app’s power consumption.

Now, Android 8.1 will you to integrate features and use the exclusive HDR + mode which exceptionally excels by offering a truly functional, real-time feature and gives the user a faithful result in contrast and color resulting high-end experience.

Developers can now also optimize the artificial intelligence of their applications through TensorFlow Lite and the Neural Networks API is also linked to the Visual Core chip and other frameworks, such as Caffe2. This simply implies to the fact that services like Google Assistant will be smarter and integrated with other apps enhancing the ability to take advantage of a dedicated machine learning computing chip.

Do let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or queries regarding the above given detailed guide.

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