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In this guide, we will show you how to download and install Infinity CM2SP2 tool on your computer to flash the firmware. We usually see that most of the devices in the mobile phone market are equipped with Qualcomm, Mediatek, or Exynos chipsets. But there is another chipset manufacturer, Unisonic, which can be seen adding more and more fame to its name. We usually see that Spreadtrum Unisoc chipsets come inside budget devices with low-performance levels, mostly used in Asian countries. This manufacturer has been around for a while now and has already powered some significant devices include Samsung and Nokia devices.

The Unisoc devices are already well established in the custom development department. Even though this chipset is not well known, there are already a few custom binaries available for these devices. From custom ROMs to tweaks and mods, you can do whatever you please. But with all these developments and tweaks, there comes a risk. If you carry out these custom developments incorrectly, you could end up with a soft bricked device or your device could end in a boot loop. But do not worry, the Infinity CM2SP2 tool is there for you, which you can use to bring your device back to working condition.

Among many other useful features, the Infinity CM2SP2 tool’s most highlighted feature is that it can be used to flash Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware files. If you are wondering why should you use this tool to flash stock firmware when your device receives the latest OTA update automatically, well, apart from using it to unbrick your device, you should use this because OTA updates roll out to devices in batches, meaning, a few of the devices receive it at first, and then it is slowly received by other devices. Users have to wait for a long time until they receive the OTA update. To avoid all this, you can just go for the manual update.

With its usefulness, which Unisoc device user would not want this tool? If you also use a device powered by a Unisoc chipset, then this article is just for you. In this tutorial here, we will show how you can download the Infinity CM2SP2 tool. Read along!

Infinity CM2SP2 tool

What is Infinity CM2SP2 Tool?

The Infinity CM2SP2 tool is a tool that you can use to flash stock firmware (PAC/BIN/SPD_PROG) on any device being run on a Unisoc chipset. In addition to that, this tool also has some other useful functionalities that are helpful for every user. So before we head to the download of the Infinity CM2SP2 tool, let’s take a look at some of the more significant features of the tool.

Flashing Partition Files

With this tool, you can easily flash partition files on your device. Furthermore, you can also make use of its other useful flashing settings and options such as NVM Update, Format Flash, Update PMT, Force NVM update, Reparse, etc.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 1

Device Information

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 2

With this tool, you can also get your device information in depth. This information consists of reading the Full-Info, Reading Secondary info, and Backing up secondary data and other things as well.


Whenever you carry out a tweak or customization, there is a chance of losing your data. So it is advised to take a complete backup of your device data before you start any tweak. With the Infinity CM2SP2 tool, you can take a complete backup of your device and avoid losing your data.


As mentioned earlier, incorrect flashing of a custom binary or flashing of an older binary version may result in your device getting soft-bricked. In this case, the Infinity CM2SP2 tool will help you. You can easily unbrick your device by using this tool. All you have to do is boot your device into fastboot mode, connect it to your PC while the tool is launched, and then flash the stock firmware back on your device.

Manual UpdateDownload Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 3

As mentioned previously, you can use this tool to carry out manual software updates for your phone. Most of the smartphone companies roll out their OTA updates to devices in batches, prioritizing their flagship devices. This results in long delays before every user receives the update. But with this tool, you can manually flash the stock firmware as soon as it is released and you will not have to wait for your device to receive the update.

These mentioned features were some of the noticeable features of the Infinity CM2SP2 tool. Apart from these features, there is are a number of other useful features present which prove helpful in one case or another. So, if you are looking for the tool for your own device, then grab it from below and follow the steps below to set it up on your computer.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool

You could now download the latest build of the Infinity CM2SP2 Tool from the following link: InfinityBox_install_CM2SP2_v2.09.7z

How To Install Infinity CM2SP2 Tool

Mentioned below are the steps to install the Infinity CM2SP2 tool on your computer:

STEP 1: The installation of this tool is very straight forward. First, open the compressed file by using an extracting tool such as WinRAR or 7ZIP.

STEP 2: If it asks for a password, enter “12345678” and press enter.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 4

STEP 3: With this, you will obtain the setup file. Now you need to extract that file to your desired location on your PC.

STEP 4: Launch the setup.exe file by double-clicking on it.

STEP 5: Then you need to agree to the terms and conditions given and click on Next.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 5

STEP 6: There, select all the components that you need to install by clicking on the checkboxes.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 6

STEP 7: Finally, select the location on your PC that you need the tool to be installed at and then hit Install.

Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool | Flash Firmware 7

STEP 8: This will initiate the installation process. This will take a few minutes, so you will have to be patient. When it is done, you can close the setup window and use the tool as you wish.

That is it! These were the steps to download and install Infinity CM2SP2 tool on your computer. We hope that you found this article helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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