Download Gapps for Lineage OS – Android 8.0 [All Old Versions]

Here, we’ll tell you that how to download Gapps for Lineage OS and installation instructions on Android devices. The original CM team took the enthusiastic Lineage OS project after the shutting down of most popular CyanogenMod services. Lineage OS is the new name of Cyanogen and the official builds are now available to flash on Android smartphones as any CyanogenMod updates stopped after 31st December 2016. You can find a lot of unofficial Lineage OS builds that you can easily flash on your Android phones and you should download and install Gapps for Lineage OS to work them properly as custom ROMs do not come with Google apps pre-installed.

As we have already mentioned that AOSP based custom ROMs such as Lineage OS does not include Google Apps (Google services) already installed. However, you can flash the compatible Gapps package on your Android smartphones or tablets to get much of your device. While searching for Gapps, you can find various Gapps packages but we strongly recommend to flash/install Open Gapps because Open Gapps is the ultimate Google services pack. So, all you have to download Gapps for Lineage OS based on OS version and the device architecture. We have also given a step-by-step guide to install Gapps on Android devices.

Download Gapps For Lineage OS

As Lineage OS is currently coming in Oreo, Nougat and Marshmallow flavors, we are going to share direct links for Marshmallow, Nougat, and Gapps (Oreo Google apps). Now go ahead and by following the given instructions, you can choose the compatible Gapps package for your Android phone.


  • The latest version of a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM should already installed on your device.
  • Create a complete backup of all your important data on your device.
  • The battery level of your device should be at least about 70% before proceeding to the installation guide.

Check CPU Architecture

In order to verify choose the compatible Gapps package, download and install CPUZ app from below link and check your CPU architecture of the Android device.

Developer: CPUID
Price: Free

After the CPUZ app installation completes, run the app and click on CPU icon and you’ll the CPU architecture information there. It will display something such as x86, x86-64, Arm, Arm64.

Download Open Gapps For Lineage OS

You can get full information of what’s included in the Gapps package from the OpenGapps Github page. As Open Gapps is the most popular Gapps provider among the Android community. The Gapps for Lineage OS comes in many packages such as Super, Aroma, Full, Stock, Micro, Mini, Pico, and Nano.

We recommend to download Mini or Mirco Gapps as after installation, you’ll be able to get the rest of Google apps directly from Play Store. But you can also download the variant depending on the system size on your device and Google services you want to flash. Proceed to download the Gapps package based on your Lineage OS version.

Download Gapps For Lineage OS 15


Download Gapps For Lineage OS 14.1

Download Gapps For Lineage OS 13.0

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Steps: How To Install Gapps on Lineage OS

These are the instructions to install Gapps on Android devices.

  • First of all, download the correct Gapps package on the desktop of your PC.
  • Copy/paste the Gapps package into the root folder of internal storage of your Android device.
  • Next, power OFF your phone to boot into the TWRP/CWM/Philz recovery on your device using the hardware keys combinations or any 3rd party app.
[Tip: Google “Your Device Name + Recovery mode” Ex: “OnePlus 3 recovery mode”]
  • While your device is now in recovery mode, go to the main recovery menu, select Install. Choose the Gapps package that you have already downloaded and transferred to the internal storage of your device.
  • Finally, flash the selected Gapps zipped file on your phone.

Download Gapps for Lineage OS

  • Restart the device after flashing completes.

Done! You’ve successfully installed Gapps for Lineage OS on your Android device.

Let us know in the comments are below if you have trouble while installing Gapps on your phone.

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