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You can now download Gapps for Android 10. Gapps, also known as Google apps are used to flash google services on the original custom ROMs (read-only memory) of any device. Commonly, the majority of the custom ROMs in devices come without any support which is compatible with the Google play services. Google apps can not be originally integrated into Custom ROMs as it is against the licensing restrictions. It proves of advantage to third party ROMS as they do not carry any default support for any of the Google services.

Now, Google apps are the marvelous services for its users and once you have the google play store available on your device along with the proper google play services, you can access the entire inventory of the google content, news, music, books, movies or games. Isn’t that amazing?


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Google, The AOSP code and the new Android 10

Several months have passed since Google released the AOSP code for the new Android 10. Prominent OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) utilize the same AOSP code to develop their own ROMs. Infrequent cases, OEMs remove some of the basic features of the Android to make their devices suitable to interlink with other smart devices such as smartwatches, Smart boxes, Smart TVs, Smart refrigerators, etc.

Furthermore, there are other minor ROM developers such as the Nitrogen OS, Pixel Experience, and the Lineage OS that make use of the AOSP by extending the already available features. Then, it is up to the developers themselves whether to include the Google Apps in the Custom ROM or not. Here, the role of downloadable Gapps comes into use.

Lately, the option to download flashable Google apps on Custom ROMs was not feasible. Custom ROM users were not able to install any google apps from the play store. In addition to that, users were also unable to access services provided by Google, such as backup features and other significant factors.

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Download Gapps for Android 10

Types of GApps

There are multiple GApps packages available as flashable apps. They are based on a variety of apps available as zip files. The packages contain varying apps used for different purposes. These packages are listed below:

  • Pico = This Pico package contains the only basic and the primary services provided by Google.
  • Nano = The Nano package includes offline speech and the Google search engine app.
  • Micro = It is similar to the Nano package, but it has additional applications and services. It consists of Face Unlock protocol, Google Calendar, and the google text to speech feature.
  • Mini = The Mini package is a further extension to the Micro package. Along with all the apps and services provided by the Micro package, it includes the Google Hangouts feature. Also, Google apps are also provided along with the Youtube app.
  • Full = The Full package attributes almost all of the Google applications and services excluding the mentioned few; Camera, Keyboard, and the Google mail. Moreover, it replaces the custom Android open source project (AOSP) calendar with Google’s own.
  • Stock = Likewise to the Full package, the Stock features the entire stock of the Google applications and the provided services.
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Compatible Gapps for Android 10

android 10 gapps

After several months passed following the release of Android 10, the open GApps community finally unveiled the flashable GApps that are compatible with the latest Android 10. But, users are provided with the option to download the Pico and Nano packages, due to which, many of the GApps and services are still inaccessible. The Google Community is still working to provide Android users with further services and support for the flashable google applications’ packages.

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Download GApps for Android 10

Android users can download GApps for Android 10 from the link provided: Download Gapps

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