Download Android 8.1 Oreo GApps [64 Bit and 32 Bit]

Download Android 8.1 Oreo GApps: GApps (Google Apps) is an important part of Android ROM. You may know that Custom ROMs comes without Google Apps and you’ll need GApps after installing a custom ROM on your Android phone. The official Android Oreo update for Nexus and Pixel devices are available to download as Google released them officially a few months ago. If you are searching for Android Oreo GApps then you can find the latest Oreo GApps here. Follow the given guide to download Android 8.1 Oreo GApps.

Google announced the first public build of Android Oreo in August as the first Developer Preview of Android Oreo in March 2017. Android Oreo brings many amazing and new features like Picture-in-picture mode, Smart Text Selection, New Emojis, Multi Windows, Revamped notifications and ‘Notification Dots’, Project Treble and much more.

If we talk about the visual changes and UI of Android Oreo then it was more of a functional update with very less visual changes to the Android OS. You can find the simplified UI of the Settings app for a better experience and ease of use. There are fewer UI tweaks in the notification shade. In the following guide, we have listed Android 8.1 Compatible GApps Package. You can download Android 8.1 Oreo GApps for 64-Bit, 32-Bit or even x86 Android phones and tablets.

Android 8.1 Oreo GApps

Android Oreo is not officially available for various Android smartphones but there is a big amount of custom ROMs available in the Android community which are based on Android Oreo. For example, Android Oreo Custom ROMs are already available for the Android devices such as OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 2, Galaxy S2/S4/S5/S6, Xperia ZX/Premium and many more.

After installing a custom Android ROM, GApps is the most important part to make everything work the way they should. Because the custom ROMs comes without Google Apps as they are based on AOSP Android and does not come with any sort of Google Services. If the GApps are not installed, then you cannot even add a Google Account.


By installing GApps you get the following Google services like:

  • Google Accounts
  • Google Play
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Protect
  • Google Dialer
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos
  • Much More!

Download Android 8.1 Oreo Gapps Package

OpenGapps are almost available for any Oreo ROM and you can use your favorite Google applications. You can find various different variants of different sizes to choose from. So have a look to choose:

  • Aroma: Every single Google App in existence is included. The installer comes with a GUI and lets you choose which ones to install.
  • Super: Every single Google App in existence is included. But, no GUI or options to choose from. Everything will be installed.
  • Stock: Contains all the Google Apps that come with Nexus and Pixel phones (comes with Google Dialer). Recommended.
  • Full: Similar to Stock, but this does not replace non-Google Stock Android apps such as Dialer, etc.
  • Mini: Only the most Popular Google Apps.
  • Micro: Limited number of Google apps.
  • Nano: As the name says, extremely minimal, light-weight package.
  • Pico: The bare-minimum needed for the Google Services to properly work.

These above-mentioned packages are available for 32bit, 64bit, and x86 chip smartphones. Navigate to the given OpenGApps Official Download Page and download Android 8.1 Oreo GApps of your choice.

How to Install Android 8.1 Oreo GApps Package

1: – After downloading the required Android 8.1 Oreo GApps .zip file on your PC, just plug your Android device with your PC and transfer GApps zip file into the SD Card of your Android device.

2: – Next, you’ll need to reboot your device into the Recovery Mode.

3: – Select “Install Zip” and then “Choose Zip From SDcard”.

4: – Browse and choose the GApps .zip file that you’ve transferred in Step No 1.

5: – GApps installation will take a while after confirmation. Wait for the installation process to finish successfully.

6: – Finally, go back to the Main Recovery Menu and choose the “Reboot” option or “Reboot System Now”.

After rebooting the device for the first time after installing a custom ROM, you would be welcomed by the ROM Setup Wizard. Now, you can find the several Google Apps installed on your device, once the setup wizard completes.

You have successfully installed Android 8.1 Oreo GApps on any Android device. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any question or trouble while downloading or installing the Android 8.0 Oreo Gapps.

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