Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers

From this guide, you can download Android 11 stock wallpapers for any device. The globally stable version of the latest Android version 11 has been finally released. Google Pixel was the first device to receive it, which was not much of a shocker as Google itself is the creator of Android. Following in their steps, OnePlus quickly announced the Beta program for Android 11 on their flagship devices. Similarly, various OEMs have also been working for their own user interface based on the Android 11, such as the Realme UI 2.0, Oppo’s ColorOS 11, Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 and Samsung’s OneUI 3.0. Development has progressed well and are awaiting release.

All of these UI updates will of course go through the beta stage first, and once all of the bugs are fixed and taken care of, the stable version for all of the users will be officially released. And like always, the official release happens in different phases in different regions. What does this mean? Well, this means that it may take some time until your device eventually receives the latest Android version 11. But still, there is a way you can get a taste of the original Android 11. And how will that happen? By downloading Android 11 stock wallpapers taken out directly from Google Pixel’s factory images. Interested? Read ahead!

Android 11 Stock Wallpapers

Android 11 | New Features

We have seen some significant changes with the release of the latest Android build. Talking about UI changes, there are not many big changes. Instead, it introduces many smaller changes that make up for the small number of major changes. For starters, the notification shade is now more organized. It has been divided into three sections, consisting of Conversations, Alerting, and Silent. With the introduction of Bubbles, you can read and reply to important messages without having to switch from your current task to the messaging application. Also, the music player is now added to quick settings, so you can control your connected devices easily.

Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers 1

In addition to that, the dark mode can now also be scheduled according to the times of the day. Also, there is a new feature which allows you to directly pin your desired apps to the share sheet and also allows you to copy text from recent applications. Other minor tweaks include  Improved Camera support in Android Emulator, Image & Camera support, and Better support for HEIF images. Other “Permission” changes also provide enhanced security and privacy. And to top all of this, Google added some wallpapers for the latest iteration of Android definitely worthy of praise. So go ahead and download Android 11 stock wallpapers from below.

Android 11 Stock Wallpapers

In total, there are 22 Android 11 stock wallpapers directly extracted from the Pixel devices that received the latest version of Android. For those who do not know, a new customization or theming application has now been added known as the Pixel Themes and the Styles Wallpapers Picker. These apps allow users to give their device a fresh, customized look. The wallpapers vary in size and dimensions. While most of them are of 1080×1920 pixel resolution. a few are of 1048×1344 and 1440×3168 as well.

Preview Android 11 Stock Wallpapers

You can have a quick look at some of the Android 11 stock wallpapers from here. Although you can directly download these wallpapers from here, but you also need to remember that these are only for previewing purpose and have been compressed, so these are not available in full quality. In order to avail them in full resolution, download them from the link provided below.

Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers 2

Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers 3

Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers 4

Download Android 11 Stock Wallpapers

From here, you can directly install all of the 22 Android 11 stock wallpapers. All of the wallpapers have been compiled in a Zip file for easy access, so do keep in mind that you will have to use an unzipping tool such as WinZip or WinRAR in order to extract them.

That is it from our side. We hope that you found these wallpapers interesting. Please share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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