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Download Android 11 for Google Pixel Phones

The Android version 11 has been finally released by Google officially. In this article here, we will show you how to download Android 11 for Google Pixel phones. The latest Android version has been made stable for specific Google Pixel devices along with a few selected devices from other companies including devices OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme. As much anticipated it’s release was, it did bring in many changes and and many additional features over the older Android version 10.

The development for Android version 11 was taking place since the start of the year 2020 with its first developer preview arriving in the month of February. As Google promised it’s enthusiastic users, Google is now officially releasing the latest Android Version 11. Along with that, Android Open Source Project is also being updated for developers with the latest code so that they can start working on porting it or modifying it as soon as possible.

Android 11 – What’s New?

Android 11 for Google Pixel

Before you proceed to the download of Android 11 for Google Pixel devices, you should know the latest features and changes that it brings in over the previous stable Android version. Talking about UI changes, there are not many major changes. Instead, it introduces many smaller changes that make up for the few major changes. Below mentioned, are all of the new features of the Android Version 11.

Improved communication

  • The Android 11 brings in a separate space in the notification shade dedicated solely for conversations over messaging apps. This makes it very easy to manage the notifications in your notification shade. This also means that you can prioritize messages sent from the people close to you.
  • Android 11 also makes multi tasking much easier on your phone by introducing Bubbles. You can read and reply to important messages without having to switch from your current task to the messaging application.
  • With this new version, built in screen recording is now possible. Now you can easily record and show your friends what is happening on your phone’s screen. No extra application is required for this task and what’s the best feature? You can record sound from your device as well as sound from your microphone.

Better control over privacy and data

  • The new one time permissions feature will let you grant permission for only a single time to apps for using microphone, camera, location etc. The next time the apps need to use these sensors, they will have to ask permission again.
  • If you have not used an app that you yourself installed from a long time, you will probably not the app having access to your data. The new Android version 11 now “auto-reset” permissions for the apps that you do not use for a while and will give you a notification. If you want to grant that app those permissions again, you can always do that when you use it again.
  • This new version comes with additional Google Play system update modules. This means that your phone will be receiving privacy and security from Google just like you receive updates from Google. As soon as the fixes are available, you will get an update and you will not have to wait for complete OS updates.
  • For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 brings the privacy protections you get on a personally-owned device to your company-owned device. The work profile provides your IT department with the tools that it needs to manage a device without monitoring your personal profile data or activity on your phone.

Additional features for Google Pixel

If you own a Google Pixel 2 or a device newer than this, you will be provided with additional features that will help you to manage and organize your phone. This will include app suggestions for applications that you can place on your home screen based on your usage and new overview actions that allow you to take a screenshot of an app and select text and images, and more.

Download Android 11 for Google Pixel Phones

You can install and use Android 11 on your device in three ways. Firstly, you can check your phone for updates straight from your Settings. Second, you can make use of the Android Flash Tool and flash it on your device. Third, you can manually download Android 11 for Google Pixel phones by manually downloading the factory images provided to you below. Manual download of factory images will be better for users using Custom ROMs or rooted phones. Along with that, it will also work for users not seeing the update in settings.

Phone Version Flash Tool Download Image
Google Pixel 4a 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.011, Sep 2020, All carriers except EMEA, SG, and IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 4 XL 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 4 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 3a XL 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 3a 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 3 XL 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 3 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 2 XL 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link
Google Pixel 2 11.0.0 (RP1A.200720.009, Sep 2020, All carriers except IN) Flash Link

We hope that you found this article helpful. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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