Download Android 11 Beta 2.5 for Pixel Phones

Google released the developer version for the much anticipated Android 11 back in February 2020. From then on, various OEMs as well as Google itself have made this update available as Android 11 Beta. The latest version of the Beta was released by Google recently, named as Android 11 Beta 2.5. This version is for fixing bugs in the previous version, the Android 11 Beta 2. The Beta version is released for Google Pixel phones. If you are looking to download this Beta version, then you are in the right place. All the official download links are mentioned in this article.

The main Beta 2 version for Android 11 was released earlier this month of July. The Beta 2.5 is not a major new version. It just brings a few bug fixes and minor changes to the Beta 2. The purpose of these fixes is to enhance the overall experience of Android R for Google Pixel users. Every Beta release has a lot of bugs and problems, the Android 11 Beta 2 was no exception. Various problems popped up with the release of the Beta 2. The Android 11 Beta 2.5 fixes these problems and bugs. Continue on reading the article to get the download links for the Beta 2.5 to complete factory images.

It was a common misconception that the previously released Beta 1.5 was a one-off version by Google. As it is observed, Google has started to launch .5 versions which serve the purpose of providing minor fixes to problems and bugs in the original version. These updates do not add anything new to the previous version, but they do increase the experience of the original version by solving problems and removing bugs. Most recent Android 11 Beta 2.5 is Available for Pixel 2 / 2 XL, Pixel 3 / 3 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL and Pixel 4 / 4 XL phones.

Download Android 11 Beta 2.5 for Pixel Phones

Android 11 Beta 2.5 – Minor Bug Fix Update

Android 11 released platform stability with Beta 2, instead of adding anything new, the Beta 2.5 just solves a few issues that were found in the original Beta 2 version. All the issues addressed and bugs fixed have been officially addressed by Google in the following notes:


  • Fixed issues that prevented a user from hearing or recording audio in apps after they made a VoIP call.
  • The notification drawer no longer fails to appear sometimes when a user swipes down from the top of the screen.
  • The screen no longer flickers on some devices when the screen is set to a low brightness level.
  • Fixed various issues that could cause devices to reboot intermittently.
  • The navigation bar no longer appears in cases when it wouldn’t normally display, such as during a device restart.
  • Some Pixel 4/XL devices that have taken more than one Android 11 update are no longer blocked from receiving an OTA back to Android 10.

Google Apps

  • Video recording is no longer interrupted sometimes when using the Camera app.
  • The Dialer app no longer uses the speakerphone sometimes as the default audio device.
  • In the Messages app, the RCS chat features no longer get stuck sometimes in the Connecting state.

In order to get these updates directly on your phone, you need to sign up for Google’s Beta program. Apart from that, if you want to manually install the Beta, especially from a non official ROM or a rooted phone, you need to use the Android R Beta 2.5 factory images mentioned ahead.

Download Android 11 Beta 2.5 Images

This minor update did not alter the to Google’s Android 11 release timeline. Google is still set to release one more beta in Q3 of 2020 before the final release of Android 11.

Android 11 Beta 2.5

There are two ways to install the factory images: The first is to download the factory images and flash them manually on your phone and the second is to use the Android Flash Tool. Both of them are mentioned below.

Use Factory Images

Below mentioned are the official download links for the Android 11 Beta version for all of Google Pixel’s compatible devices:

Download system factory image for Pixel 4 XL (coral): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 4 (flame): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 3a XL (bonito): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 3a (sargo): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 (blueline): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 XL (taimen): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 (walleye): Download Android 11 Beta 2.5

Use Android Flash Tool

Instead of downloading and flashing Factory images, users also have the option of using the Android Flash Tool to flash the files manually on their phones. The Android Flash Tool is Google’s automated web-app that will automate the process of downloading firmware files and flashing it on your phone. But before proceeding with using the tool, you are required to have appropriate ADB and Fastboot tools installed on your PC along with the proper USB drivers for your device and a compliant browser to go with that. Check out our menus for ADB Drivers and USB drivers to get them.

You can install the Android 11 Beta 2.5 using the Android Flash Tool bu following this link: Install Android 11 Beta 2.5 with Android Flash Tool on Google Pixel  

We hope that you find this article helpful. If you have any queries, do mention them in the comment section.

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