Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Free For Android Devices

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an amazing app available for mobile users that helps you to craft awesome and professional high quality photos in your Smartphone. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Here’s a good news for Android users that till now, Adobe Creative Cloud subscription was required to make use of Adobe Lightroom, however the app is now free to download and can be used on Android handsets.

The same situation was in October for iOS previously, users of Lightroom loved and appreciated the choice to make it free of cost. Now after a month, the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app is free for Android community. The newest model of the app is 1.4 and you don’t need Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use it. Nevertheless, having the subscription gives you further advantages. For instance, your work shall be synced with your desktop Lightroom and you may use Lightroom web.

Beside this free availability, Adobe Creative Cloud can be used on 1-month free trial basis. So just download and experience the full features of Lightroom. Later you may proceed to make use of the Creative Cloud by paying for it.

The modern Android devices can produce DNG images as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also supports the raw DNG images. As Android is among the 2 main cellular platforms and it’s rising day-to-day, Adobe also promised in its official post that they’re working on the Adobe Lightroom (Android Version) to bring major changes soon.

You can easily download the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from the Play Store.

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