Download 5 Best Custom ROMs For Oneplus 5

Here is the list of 5 best custom ROMs for OnePlus 5. For Android Fans, Oneplus 5 was the most awaited smartphone of 2017. All the Oneplus fans around the world were inquisitive about the launch of this beast which has 8 gigabytes of RAM and a mighty Snapdragon 835 processor with a very high mid-range price. All these great specs and the price made a lot of success, and Oneplus users also increased.

Oneplus 5 was launched in this year, but still, there are many members in XDA community who are making custom ROMs for this smartphone, and some of these ROMS are quite good too because they are even more updated than the official Oneplus 5 ROM OxygenOS and have great security patches and other cool features.

If you want to try a new ROM on your Oneplus 5 and you don’t know which ROM is best for your Oneplus 5 then we have created a list of Best ROMS for Oneplus 5, so you can choose one for your Oneplus 5.

Download 5 Best Custom ROMs For Oneplus 5 1

5 Best Custom ROMS For Oneplus 5

Here is the list of 5 Best Custom ROMS for Oneplus 5

Freedom OS

Download 5 Best Custom ROMs For Oneplus 5 2

Freedom OS at this time is the most widespread Custom ROM in the Oneplus 5 forums. This Custom ROM has a very active community of members who regularly updated this app with the issues and keep on adding more features to it. This Custom ROM has useful features already installed and enabled in it, so you don’t have to further tweak this ROM.

Download Freedom OS For OnePlus 5

Experience OS

Download 5 Best Custom ROMs For Oneplus 5 3

This Custom ROM focuses on essential features and ignores the useful features which most of the users don’t use at all. This Custom ROM is very well designed and has an excellent battery life. It has Dolby Atmos as well. Experience OS also has a lot of features that stock Android has like app shortcuts, notification control, etc.

Download Experience OS ROM For OnePlus 5

Resurrection Remix

It is the coolest and stable ROM for Oneplus 5 right now because of its a lot of features. This Resurrection Remix ROM has loads of features which is quite difficult for a user to explore in a day. This Custom ROM has a lot of customizable options like notification shade etc. This ROM is running Android  7 Nougat and quite stable.

Download Resurrection Remix for OnePlus 5


Download 5 Best Custom ROMs For Oneplus 5 4

This ROM works great on Oneplus 5, and it is a great daily driver ROM. Cr Droid is a very stable ROM for Oneplus 5. It has a lot of cool features with a lot of customization options available, crDroid battery life is also pretty good.

Download cr Droid ROM For OnePlus 5

Mokee ROM

This ROM is based on Oxygen OS 4.5.6. Mokee has some great functions in it which are not available in other ROMS like it has an option to customize an alert slider of Oneplus 5. This ROM also has on-screen and off-screen gestures.

Download Mokee ROM For OnePlus 5 

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