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Delete These Malware-Filled Android Apps Aimed at Kids

As we all know that the most popular operating system of Android is Google’s Android with over 3 billion active users all around the globe. The Android Play Store has more than 3 million active applications of different kinds to cater to the needs of the user.

In this modern era, users are facing a lot of problems in their mobile devices. Some users complaining about irrelevant ads to be seen without consent while others claiming that these applications draining the battery of the smartphone. In this article, we are discussing the difficulties of ads you have to face while using an application.

Delete These Malware-Filled Android Apps Aimed at Kids 1

Here you will come to know about the apps that will cause malware on your phone. If you are facing the same problems, this is the right place for you. We have brought for you a list of applications from Google Play Store so that you would avoid these apps or if you have then quickly uninstall them. So let’s try to know about these apps.

What is the Issue?

The main issue users are facing is that if they saw an app recommendation, then they downloaded it. After installing this app, they started using that app. It is actually not what the app had promised. The app is showing extraneous advertisement and if mistakenly user clicks on this ad, it will take the user to a suspicious website.

When a user is using that application, he has been asked to rate 4.5 stars to that app. That’s a clear sign that you are using a fake application as what it assures does nothing. It is the agenda of taking artificial popularity by asking the user to rate that after its installation. After the review, if the user deletes, the option to edit the ratings goes away, and thus, the rating remains unaltered as a result.

Which Developers to Avoid?

Here we have given the lists of developers who are fraud, and their main targets are children and kids who look out for games that let their parents in trouble.

  1. Biaz Inc
  2. Biscuit Ent
  3. Caracal Entertainment
  4. Golden Cat
  5. Leopardus Studio
  6. Lynx StudioX
  7. MajorStudioX
  8. Megapelagios
  9. MochiMicho
  10. Pantanal Entertainment
  11. Royal Chow Studio
  12. Slardar Studio
  13. Sunda Clouded
  14. Titanyan Entertainment
  15. White Whale Studio
  16. World TravelX

These are some fake developers that fell prey on children and take them to different vulnerabilities. The most alarming situation is that Google Play Protect is unable to detect it. The main culprit in this situation is Tekya Malware and it is also responsible for all this. It automatically collects the internal data and started showing ads that are not at all relevant. Most importantly, if you turn off your cellular data connection, the application doesn’t work.

How to Stay Safe?

In this modern era, it is always advisable to stay away from such fraud developers. In order to get yourself save from these things you just need to google about the developer. You would surely know whether it is fraud or not. However, before downloading any application, the finding of the developer becomes a headache but it really worth it.

Tekya malware makes a passage to your smartphone, it can cause numerous issues starting from device lagging to storage full. Another important thing is that you do read the instructions or permissions and it will give a clear understanding of what the app is likely to do with such permissions.

Safety held prime importance in this 21st century so everything here on internet exposes you a lot of vulnerabilities, but we can’t do much in this case except for following safety precautions. We are very hopeful that this information would be very helpful for you and if you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section.


We have to be very careful about our kids nowadays because most of the parents restricted their children to their rooms by hand over smartphones to them. In the current situation, it is more likely, you be exposed to malware so be aware.

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