Create and Pin Notes to the Notification Area with Collateral

Now we don’t have to write a note on a paper and keep it in your pocket or with you because now we have Digital notes. Digital notes are very useful and convenient you can simply write them on your smartphone and they will remain attached there, no worries of falling. I have been using reminders from a pretty long time now and they help me remember the important kinds of stuff and I have been using them a little differently which is a cool form, I pin my notes at the accessible and most visible areas of my smartphone. I keep my home screen clean so I don’t want to pin any notes there, so I attach the notes in the notification area of my smartphone by using an application called Collateral.

This cool application is available in the play store so you can easily have them on your smartphone by downloading it from play store. After downloading and installing Collateral, When you will open this application you will find a very normal user interface which is quite simple to use. This application has 4 tabs in which it is divided. These four tabs are: Notes, Pending, Lists, and favorites. As I told you that the application user interface is quite simple so each of these Tab is well defined and easy to understand but still I am going to tell you a little about it. There is a red action button which is floating at the right bottom side of the application and you can add notes to it. As the name shows the pending tabs shows the uncompleted actions or tasks. In the favorite tab, you can save your daily routine stuff.

Every list or note created by you automatically pinned to your smartphone’s notification area and because of this it also becomes visible on your device lock screen which is pretty cool.

Create and Pin Notes to the Notification Area with Collateral 1

You can customize the applications from its setting. You can change the stuff like the main screen color, the color of your lists and notes. You can also adjust the notes by their importance from the settings.

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Collateral also gives you an offer of adding different icons of different types of maps, files, media etc. There are around 400 icons which are available while you create any note.

If you are the one who does not like the notes pinned on your home screen then Collateral is a great application for you.

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