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Download Google Lens App For Android – How To Copy Text to PC form Android

Google Lens App allows to copy text to PC from your Android phone.

Here is how to download the Google Lens app for Android and steps to copy text to PC form Android. Since the invention of the Android smartphone, Google has played an integral role in our daily lives. Back to back discoveries and new cutting edge technology has always managed to mesmerize its users. Back in 2017, Google unveiled another shocker of an app called Google lens which quickly won its user’s admiration. Since then the app is available on the majority of Android OS devices.

Google lens is an AI-powered technology that uses the camera on your smartphone to understand a lot more in your surroundings. Google lens is designed to bring relevant information related to objects it identifies using visual analysis based on a neural network. Google Lens was one of the biggest Google releases. But if you do not have it due to a non-Google OS device then Google lens is available as a downloadable application from the play store for the Android and App Store for the iOS device.

Download Google Lens - How to Copy Text From Android to PC

Google puts the icing on the cake by adding a yet new trait for the Google lens which consists of the capability to transfer text from the software itself to any other device. The update also allows users to do a Google search for highlighted text phrases and expands lens translation capabilities with an option to help with pronunciation

Why is it a Big Deal?

Since the establishment of Google, it has worked tirelessly for its users with the aim to provide users a sense of security, by generating a fail-proof synchronization between the users’ multiple devices. This recent update to the application further bridges the gap between the devices.

Google lens allows users to scan the whole document and create amendable copies of them. Even though this feature was previously accessible, it only allowed the text to be transferred on your phone. This update allows Google lens to send a page of handwritten notes to a computer instead of retyping them along with saving the other text, sign, and document.

There are multiple ways as to how the new Google lens is used. The portability of the mobile phone creates limitless opportunities to utilize the app in our daily lives. Be it a link in today’s newspaper, or a headline on your television, in a matter of seconds, you could send it to the search bar of your computer. It’s just like carrying a handheld scanner in your pocket!

You know what’s the most stunning part about the update? It can even recognize human writing! Of course, it won’t work if you want it to scan your doctor’s prescription, but otherwise, it can easily scan any handwriting that’s clear and easily readable. Now it will be much easier for you to edit your rough writings and make amendments without having to retype all the text from your notebooks into your computer. Isn’t that a relief?

What Do You Need?

Almost every Google app requires a Google account to function, and the Google lens is not an exception. It needs to synchronize your phone with your computer. Hence, a Google account is mandatory. Other than that there are a few obvious things which you require to transcribe the text into your PC. Let’s say…. Such as the Google lens app for Android itself, a PC with the Google Chrome browser, internet connection to both of the devices and let’s say a less doctor- like handwriting.


How To Copy Text To PC via Google Lens App For Android

Once both of your devices are synchronized through your Google account you need to follow the given steps:

  1. Open Google Lens app for Android and point it at the text you would like to copy-paste.
  2. Snap a picture, and select the text. You will also have the option to adjust the selection.
  3. Once selected you will see an option to ‘copy to computer’. Click it
  4. This should let you copy the text to your laptop. If you are logged into more than one computer you also have to choose to which one you want to paste to the text
  5. You should shortly receive a notification the text has been ‘copied to your clipboard’. Once you see that simply paste the text wherever you want.
  6. BOOM! That’s it.

Download Google Lens App for Android

There are some requirements to use these features though. So you will need to be signed in to the same Google account on both your handset and your laptop. The text will be copied if your Google Chrome is closed, but to experience the best part, keep the chrome functioning when trying to copy the text.

What To Do if it Doesn’t Copy?

No need to worry if the text does not copy. Just go and update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version 8.1. You also need to make sure that the sync option for your Google account is enabled. Users can check it by going into settings and managing the sync and Google service menu. Furthermore, you need to inspect your Google account and assure that both of your devices are synced by it.

Although it is uncommon among the users, it has brought a significant change to my daily life.

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