Cocospy: Best 2021 Monitoring and Tracking App

As anomalous as it may sound, sometimes unauthorized surveillance can be crucial and this is where Cocospy comes in handy. Cocospy is illegal in some countries including US, therefore check your federal laws before purchasing the app.

Cocospy App Review

There are several scenarios where its usage is legal. Let’s say you are an employer and you wish to pay close attention to how your employees are utilizing their time or perhaps you are a concerned parent and for the betterment of your child you wish to discern what influence they are under. Cocospy can assist you in avoiding unforeseen troubles that either of these situations may proffer.

In this article we will uncover all the features that this spy app is offering, its compatibility on both mobile operating systems, and its price.


It is possible that you may be presented with a situation where you have to keep a track of a user’s mobile contacts and their calls. Let’s say you own a company and you are concerned that your company’s employee is leaking confidential data to your company’s competitors.

With Cocospy app you can not only keep track of the target user’s contacts but you can also check all the incoming and outgoing calls. However, if there is an unknown contact present in list you can easily identify them by using Truecaller.

CocospyYou can also view how many times a particular person has been contacted. All you have to do is go to the Cocospy dashboard and then select Contacts.

Cocospy: Best 2021 Monitoring and Tracking App 1

Cocospy also allows you to check the target user’s messages and for iPhone users, iMessages.

It doesn’t end there, you can use this app to further navigate through the target users Browser’s history which shows the website’s URL, number of times the particular website was visited, last date that the website was visited and also if it has been bookmarked by the user or not.

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The Cocospy feature that is in high demand these days is monitoring the location of the target user. You can view the exact current location of the user along with where they have been previously and at what time. Cocospy will provide you with location address, latitude, and longitude.

Cocospy: Best 2021 Monitoring and Tracking App 2

If you purchase Cocospy you will also get the option to view what videos have been uploaded or downloaded by a user in their gallery. It should be noted, however, that while viewing these videos you may experience glitches.

You can also explore the targeted person’s social media actions by going to Cocospy dashboard and selecting Social Apps. Nevertheless, if the privacy of an app is strict you might not be able to view full conversations. If you wish to gain access to apps other than WhatsApp it is possible you will need to root the device or jailbreak for IOS.

Calendar feature allows you to inspect what dates a person have saved under a particular title and if they have saved any remarks of the day on their calendar as well.

With SIM Card option you can scrutinize if the person have a different SIM under usage and you can further monitor the location of the SIM. You can also enter your email to receive a notification if the user ever changes their SIM.

Cocospy compatibility with Android, IOS and How it works:

For Android devices Cocospy is compatible with devices that run Android 4.0 or higher. Whereas, for IOS, Cocospy is compatible with devices that are powered by IOS 7 or above.

For IOS all you have to do is use your existing email ID and create an account. Type in the targeted user’s iCloud ID and make sure two-factor authentication is disabled. After that you just have to log in and monitor.

Cocospy: Best 2021 Monitoring and Tracking App 3

For android, the process can be a little complex considering that there is no iCloud ID. You will have to install the Cocospy in the targeted user’s phone to gain access to their device. However, since the app is only 3MB it is possible that it goes overlooked.


You get various types of subscription like Premium, family package etc. Most recommended one is Premium as it unlocks all Cocospy features. You will have to make per month payments and it can be through credit card, Pay Pal, or eve Bitcoin. The price varies depending on whether you are opting for a one-month license, 3-month license or a 12-month license. Currently, Cocospy’s basic package is priced at $39.99 per month.

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